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Firstly, I would like to tell you about the address changes in the URL since the blog has been created.
  • Ali Khan Blogs formerly known as Muhammad Ali Khan's Blog was created on September 14th, 2010 at the address MuhammadAliKhans.blogspot.com. This address doesn't work nowOn September 6th, 2011 blog's address was changed to  MuhammadAliKhansBlog.blogspot.com. This address doesn't work 
  • In 2015 blog's address was changed to AliK-Blogs.blogspot.com (Redirect URL) thats still working. Also the name was changed from Muhammad Ali Khan's Blog to Ali Khan Blogs.
  • On September 6th, 2017 blog's address was changed to  www.AKBlogs.com, which is the present URL.


Ali Khan Blogs prime target was to share information related to blog making, website development, reviews, SEO tips and tricksYou should see the List of Articles, to see what articles I have written about.

SEO Services

Although, I prefer people doing their SEO themselves. But after my experience on the internet, I found out that people are not learning as much as they should. So I decided to become a freelancer of SEO services.
I offer SEO services through my fiverr gig. I mostly do youtube SEO services for videos. But can also do blog and website SEO. Feel free to drop a message in Fiverr.


I, Muhammad Ali Khan, am the only contributor of this blog. Although I tend to accept guest posts from bloggers, new or experienced if their post is relevant.

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