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How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

Its rather easy sending PUBG Mobile to another phone either its Android to IOS or IOS to Android systems. You only need to download 1 app for this, "SHAREit - Transfer & Share". Just download the app follow the instructions and send it to your friends phone.

Using this method you wouldn't need to download the app on the other phone.

How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

How to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone

Its simple, follow these steps to transfer PUBG Mobile to another phone:
  • Download the app shareit from Google Playstore
  • Open it on both mobile devices
  • Click Send and select the app "PUBG Mobile" along with additional files, the total size of files should be around 2GB
  • Open your phone's bluetooth and wifi, also do the same for the receiving phone
  •  Select the receiving phone
This takes about 8-10 minutes. You will not be able to use wifi on both cellulars during the transfer but it's still better than downloading the game from the internet if you have a slow connection or your data package is limited.

After receiving the app simply install the app "PUBG Mobile" and your game will start working.

Also the maps apart from Erangel will not be downloaded even if the sender has them. The can be downloaded as additional files.

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