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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

This episode had some good moments. Good opening scene, funny banter between Tyrion/Jaime/Brienne, and we finally got some more of Tyrion's point of view that has been lacking in the past couple of seasons. I also really liked that we got to see Dany being vulnerable from her point of view. The Jon/Dany scene was a standout this episode. We saw her conflicted and emotional, telling Jon how much he means to her, but also her being selfish and wanting him to keep quiet about his identity. Good setup, hopefully the writers don't butcher this in the final two episodes.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Breakdown

I don't think Dany is in love with Jon. I think she just says it because she knows Jon is in love with her so she can control him. Just like what she did to Gendry, made him a lord so that Gendry wouldn't meddle with her plans for the throne. She saw how the people look at Jon. She knows the people like Jon more that's why she doesn't want anyone to know that Jon is the rightful king because the people would fight for Jon. I think Dany's going to be a mad queen.

Really where this episode starts to fall apart is in the logistics of the big moments. The same thing that has been plaguing the show the past couple of years, and D&D don't disappoint us here.
How does a naval fleet ambush a dragon? How? Seriously. How does Dany not see them? I guess they were hiding behind that rock the entire time. But still were able to easily put three bolts into Rhaegal without him being able to fly away.

Is it me, or are the dragons and Khaleesi just blind? How do you not see an entire fleet of ships when you have the advantage of being in the air? The writing for season 8 is just awful. Just trying to make it shocking and making it as unnecessarily difficult as possible for Khaleesi.

So Euron has a vicious fleet with pinpoint accuracy and is about to wipe them out. Their ships are getting obliterated, Tyrion jumps ship, and then they make it to the shore. Wait, what? What happened to the attack? I guess Euron got his prize possession Missandei and was like "yep, we're good here, just let them run away."

So they get away, after losing a dragon to one of those giant crossbows super easily. They set up a meeting with Cercei, who is waiting with like 10 crossbows. And Drogon is just sitting there casually with them and 50 soldiers. Are they braindead? You just saw your dragon die to these things, and you bring your dragon here and just sit there?

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And the best part is Cercei doesn't even attack them! Why would Cercei not just win the war here? She is not above using wildfire to blow up thousands of people but doesn't want to kill her biggest threat sitting in front of her like a sitting duck.

I really want to enjoy this show, I really do. And if it was just one episode I might be able to suspend my belief. But this nonsensical stuff is just thrown at us again and again, and it really takes me out of the moment.

And Yes,Why not bran warn Dany about ambush? Why didn't bran tell Jon and Dany about Cersei's plan? It doesn't make any sense why they don't use Bran?

As Jaime killed the mad king, if they go mad queen route with Dany, I think Tyrion will kill her.
If everyone had listened to Sansa and took a damn break, they'd be fine right now. When Sansa told the hound if she had gone with him she'd still be a little bird, I knew she was plotting something big. She told Tyrion about Jon to plant a seed and set events in motion. Arya is heading to King's Landing to carry out the plan.

Varys will absolutely betray Dany, but it won't work. She told him if he ever betrayed her again she will have him executed. So, that'll happen.

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