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3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

Generally ranking a site on Google is tougher in 2019 than it was a few years back. Google has been updating its algorithm quite frequently since 2019 has started.

They have changed the face of SEO completely. I have noticed that the affiliate sites that were on top of Google rankings are experiencing a tremendous change in their rankings because of these frequent updates.

Some site’s ranking have dropped badly and some got the skyrocket change in the rankings by coming up the Google SERPs.

3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

3 Best Ways to Rank an Affiliate Blog Higher On Google in 2019

As a result some are getting more organic traffic where some site’s traffic has dropped by 50 percent. Moz has also changed their algorithm and the high DA sites have now dropped 4~5 DA points. A great change in SEO indeed.

Today I am about to share with you how to deal with these problem and by following these steps that I am about to share with you guys, you can rank better in Google with full surety.

Updating the Old Content

Since 2019 has started I have analyzed many sites which are not updating their content and they are dropping in rankings.

Even my own article on 10kreviews has dropped in rankings because of no updates. On the other hand I have updated my one year old content and I got 40% increase in my rankings. Hence it’s proved that "Google loves updated websites."

When you intimate Google with something new in your content, Google algorithm thinks "hmmm, he has made some changes to his old articles and added something new to it, let me rank them better, because that's what my job is"

So as much as possible update your old content on a weekly basis and you will get best results for sure.

Ahrefs UR and DR

It’s one of the important factors of SEO. Same like the domain authority is one of the SEO factors, Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating) and UR (URL Rating) are also the best factors for SEO.

If you’re getting links from sites that have the low UR and DR, you’re not going to benefit from it. Even if you get hundreds of links from them.

On the other hand when you get a link from sites which have high UR and DR, even a single link from such site can give a proper boost is rankings.

Usually I would recommend to look for the sites having DR of 20 and DR of 15. If the number is high then it’s much better.

Backlinks From Sites with Low Outbound links

You might have seen sites that link back to thousands of sites. It means the sites that are linking to many sites, their SEO juice is divided by thousands of sites.

Now let suppose we have a powerful site that links back to hundred sites instead of thousands of sites. Its SEO juice is divided by just hundred sites.

When you get a link from a site which is linking to many sites. It is not going to benefit you as much as getting a link from a site which is linking to hundred of sites.

So make sure to get link from the sites with less out bounds in order to have the most powerful backlinks.


These are the factors that are I experienced personally and that gave me the best possible results that I was looking for.

Today where my sites are today is only because of following these simple steps of SEO. Indeed there are over 200 SEO factors. But if you stick to only these three for a few months, I can guarantee that you’ll rank not only on affiliate sites but also on any blog related to any niche.

That’s it from my side. Now it’s time for you to implement these three SEO strategies and benefit from them as much as I did.

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