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Reasons why the Organic Traffic rate is Declining In 2019

Are you losing out on your website traffic? Do you think that the rank of your website is going down? If yes then getting tensed would not help you in any manner. The key thing is that you should drill down to the problem. The traffic rate of a website does fluctuate but that is mostly in case of new websites.

If a website is established and has a reputation, this problem does not exist in most cases. For webmasters, it’s important to carry out SEO analysis after few months to rectify the problems affecting their SEO plan.

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Reasons why the Organic Traffic rate is Declining In 2019 - AKBlogs

A new website layout

Have you redesigned your website and removed all the old pages? If yes then this may be a prime reason for reduced traffic. When your website is listed on Google, the pages are indexed so that they can appear in the searched results. Websites that are not indexed do not appear when users type a related research.

For example, consider that a website selling sports goods has been designed but it has not been indexed on Google. When users type “best sports goods” or any similar text in the search box, this particular website would not be displayed as it would not be indexed.
  • When the layout of a website is redesigned completely, the older pages are deleted at times. This removes the indexing and the website does not appear any longer in the searched results. As a result, users are unable to view the website. It is obvious that when people are unable to view a website, its traffic rate declines at a quick pace.
  • Keeping a regular check on the website traffic is absolutely essential. Most website owners do not adopt this practice. As a result, when the traffic on their website starts decreasing, they do not know how to handle things. By using a professional analytics tool like Google Analytics, you can keep a check on how website is performing in terms of traffic. A good traffic count obviously helps in getting more searches and conversions.

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Slow website response rate

The website speed directly depends on the data size uploaded on each page. The heavier the pages, the slower will be the website. Usually websites that are highly informative do not have attractive loading speeds. Users are quite impatient and for them, the speed of a website is more important than the content it provides. Most users are not prepared to wait till the website loads. If you are losing out on traffic and analytics show that less people are browsing your website, the slow loading speed may be a reason.
  • If the website is slow, you would have to optimize pages. Reduce the data size so that users do not have to wait. Videos, images and animations increase the data size on a web page. Thus, if you have uploaded any unnecessary images or videos, optimize the page by removing them. Unnecessary images can reduce the page loading speed of the website and make it slower.
  • Business owners do have the opinion that the more informative a website is, the better would be the traffic rate. However, this strategy does not work well if the website speed is being hampered. Let us go through an example. Consider that you visit a product website to make a purchase but the page loading pace is too slow. In such cases, users would not have the patience to wait for the page to load. Thus, it is obvious that even if you have the most informative website, the concept would not work. On the other hand, if a website has limited information but loads quickly, users would surely prefer it.
  • Losing traffic may have several reasons and slow website loading speed is one of them. Keeping a check on the website loading speed of your competitors would surely provide help. As a user, visit the website of your competitors to see the loading speeds that their websites have. If you see that your website is slower, it would be a key reason due reduced traffic. With so much competition, it is important for websites to have less loading time.

Plagiarized content can result in low traffic

What is the purpose of content. The key goal is to get the attention of readers. When people visit your website and go through the information that has been provided, they may get impressed if you have provided what they seek. For instance, if someone is searching for high quality leather bags and your website has quality content on it, you would get immediate conversions. However, this is obviously not as easy as it seems.
  • Hard work, research and content research is the only way to create a positive impression in the mind of the buyer. Why should a customer consider you and not any other website? This question should always be present in your mind. Quality content is a powerful constituent that drives traffic to your website. Websites that regular unique content never have traffic related issues.
  • As it is mentioned above, in-depth research, thorough analysis and detailed paraphrasing are needed to produce original top notch content. Other than that, to ensure that there are no originality problems, it is recommended to use a plagiarism checking application as well, check out this proof read bot for online grammar checking and proofreading.
  • Plagiarized content has dual negative effects. For instance, you would start losing customers as they would not have anything new to read. Websites that have copied content fail to engage the customers and expand their traffic rate as well. Submitting copied content leaves the impression that no effort has been invested for creating content. It is obvious that this reduces the trust of the customer and he starts looking at websites with unique information. Some websites use spinning softwares to modify existing content but this is not a recommended strategy in any manner. Search engines, particularly Google, do not encourage the use of spinning softwares to create content. So, plagiarized content evaluation is necessary for the writers.
  • Another key negative aspect of submitting copied content is violation of search engine policies. Google has strict procedures for content originality and it is not the most used search engine without a reason. Website owners need to understand how a website is gauged in terms of quality. If the traffic on your website is low, it would be mainly because of substandard content. The standard of content on website is pivotal for deciding its rank. If you go through the top rated websites listed in a category, you would realize that all of them have the finest content written after detailed research. If your website does not have well researched content, it would be hard to engage the reader and convince him to spend money. In other words, lack of quality content can adversely affect both traffic and conversions.

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Complications and lack of understanding

Why would people spend time on a website when they fail to understand it? This does happen when a website has a complicated interface which people fail to understand. For instance, it is hard for users to digest too much information. If they feel that a website is overloaded with facts, they would get frustrated and leave the website. Brands that have simple websites win the hearts of the customers resulting in improved traffic rate.
  • A website should be easy to interpret. If someone is ending up on the landing page, he would be able to browse around without a lot of help. Websites that have a complicated architecture create navigation issues for the user. If someone is not tech savvy, he would even be unable to move between pages. Thus, before concentrating on technological advancements, make sure that user experience is not being compromised at any stage.
    User experience is absolutely important. A website can only grow in terms of traffic if people enjoy spending time on it. The moment people feel that website is complicated; they would obviously look for simpler options. A potential customer may not be interested in reading through everything. If he finds his desired chunk of information easily, he may not see the other content areas. On the other hand, if he keeps searching for several hours and still does not get what he is looking for, he would obviously not be encouraged to spend his precious time on browsing the website again.
  • It is important to keep the website simple in terms of interface and content arrangement. This can be done by considering yourself in place of the customer. In addition to that, compare your website to the other options in terms of usability. You should have a simpler interface than your competitors to get more traffic. If people witness that competitor websites are simpler to use and understand, the traffic count on your website would obviously go down.


The traffic on a website proves to be beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, it grows the reputation of the website. A reputed website obviously gets more traffic as it is considered dependable. Other than that, it helps in business terms as well. When a website has an overall high traffic rate, it gets more conversions which mean better sales volumes.

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