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Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

Things which demand less input and gets high output are liked by everyone, the creator and the consumer. Some hacks really work well when we have to recycle or make our old stuff more workable. Same goes for old blog posts, when you apply some trick and polish their content so that they may look new and drive more traffic to your website.

Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

Updating Old Blog Posts for Driving more Traffic

A “power ruling” may be applied to some older posts, which are able to drive more traffic to our blogs even sometimes they are not constructed by following all principles of SEO.

Why it is significant to update old blog posts?

A big ‘food for thought,’you might be wondering that if a post is already driving more visitors to your website why is it necessary to update that post. Here is the answer, first analyse which post is playing that essential role of attraction; it is necessary to update that post because it will allow your readers to read more about that topic with new and better details. It will also enhance the probability of those visitors to visit your website often. Moreover, giving them a kick of curiosity to explore more articles.

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How to analyse which posts must be updated?

Now, this is the part where you take decisions which forces you to think about the selection of topics, which posts must be updated and which should be left without streamlining. First of all make a list of all articles like we did, and following these steps will help you more:
  • Do some statistical analysis whether updating this topic costs you more or it will drive more traffic
  • Analyse the rankings of your blog posts, updating these topics will include your blog in the list of first 10-20 or 5-25 of blogs or not
  • Check the monthly search volume of that topic
  • Weigh the estimated time for streamlining with estimated traffic
  • Calculate the specific budget for one time modernization, than roughly estimate that, if you repeat the same procedure after a month or two; is it affordable for you?

Process of updating blog posts

This process of updating old posts includes few steps, which are listed below:

Refreshing anchors

If you are adding more relevant links to your post, whether these links are internal or external it is a good step towards improvement. Moreover, remove all old irrelevant links, which do not support your topics or writing.

Remove broken links as it impacts negative SEO, use this tool to check for unwanted links.

Updating those queries, which do not demand freshness

If your article is about technology or new inventions or any scientific topic, which demands more fresh material to be added in it; it is a good idea to add new content in it. Otherwise, if your topic is about history or any other topic, which do not require new material to be added in it; marketing those articles will not profit your aim.

Adding helping material

Add some amazing facts, formulae or keywords related to your topic, which helps your reader to enhance his or her knowledge and allow him to search more about that topic.

A Simple Tip

Tip for improvement is; you must not add the content, which deviates from the topic it will lessen your reader's attention towards the article.

Change your time stamp of your blog post “published on” to “last updated” and actually adding noticeable fresh material in the form of new tags, information or keywords. It will grab more attention from your reader. This helps updating old blog posts for driving more traffic.

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