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It is preferred that people learn and then do their blog's SEO themselves. But due to so much different aspects of promoting a blog, one has to look for freelancers and outsource some parts for running a blog smoothly.

Also after our experience on the internet, we found out that people are not learning as much as they should although there are tons of articles and videos going around the internet. So we decided to start freelancing websites for online SEO services and dedicate our time in doing SEO for blogs and websites alike.

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Online SEO Services | Buy SEO Services Online

Online SEO Services | Buy SEO Services Online

If you want a quote for a custom website which is not hosted on blogger or uses Wordpress as a cms, write us an email at We will contact you with a nice quote that will improve your website's SEO. Don't forget to send the link as well to get the quote as soon as possible.

Apart from that we offer our SEO services through our fiverr gigs for blog posts and videos. WE mostly do video SEO services for youtube videos only. We also do white hat blog and website SEO. Our team will help you build your brand and gain the most out of your content using the best and most accurate SEO techniques.

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We have three main platforms on which we use our SEO expertise the most:
  • Blogger Blog Posts
  • Wordpress Blog Posts
  • Youtube Videos

Blogger SEO services

Blogger SEO service includes on page SEO optimization of blog posts. On page optimization includes the SEO of the following components of a blog post:
  1. Titles
  2. Keywords in content
  3. Meta Descriptions
  4. H1, H2 and all other heading tags
  5. Creation of Robots.txt
  6. URL
  7. Image Alt tags
  8. Content Optimization for keyword's sufficiency
  9. Broken links Checking
  10. Data analysis
  11. Optimize Permalink

Here is a video detail of blogger SEO services that we will be providing:

Here is the link of our fiverr gig where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per post.

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Youtube SEO services

We've actually written a whole article around youtube SEO which involves the SEO of all important meta data types of youtube videos. But if you still need help with SEO you can contact us on this fiverr gig, We will give you the details for everything related to meta tags including:
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags

And any additional information you might need regarding your video's SEO or at any other platform. Keyword research is also done using professional tools to make sure you get as much traffic from your video as possible from the Youtube search engine.

Here is the link of our fiverr gig where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per video.

Youtube SEO services

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Wordpress SEO services

We also do wordpress SEO as it is quite similar to blogger SEO. Wordpress SEO plugins make it easier for developers to SEO optimize their content, with these plugins there is little need for an expert to optimize afterwards.

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Still if you need Wordpress SEO services here is the link of our fiverr gig  where you can order these SEO services for as low as 5$ per post.

Wordpress SEO services

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Apart from these services if you need any help you can contact us through email, our official email address is
We will help you in getting the best online SEO services. Don't forget to follow the blog AKBlogs on facebook and Twitter.

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