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How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the advance trend we are observing these days, which allows business to flourish and to capture market and customer’s attention effortlessly. However, privacy matters. An institute, General data protection and regulation, is making efforts to enforce new constraints on data collection for marketing. Marketers have to make new additions which depend less upon client’s statistics.

Data Confidentiality - How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

What is Data Confidentiality

Generally confidentiality refers to protecting information from being accessed by unauthorized parties or personnel who may use the client's information for malicious reasons. In other words, only the people who are authorized to do so can gain access to client's sensitive data and information.

How social media plays role in data collection?

Many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat help to collect behavioral data for digital marketing purposes. When a user likes or follows pages of their interest, this allow these platforms to perform data mining and collect user specific data. This data is collected when one consumer likes something or performs a specific task.

This data is passed to the digital marketers when they access these social media platforms for advertising purposes, it helps them to get statics and to generate advertisements matching user’s information. This affects the data confidentiality of users because there private information is being shared as a stat to digital marketers and many social media platforms don't reveal this to their users. Although no specific information as per user is given.

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Human-centered marketing and GDPR data privacy for digital marketing

We are continuing in the twilight of data’s uncivilized west origin. This the age of algorithms where algorithm inferences every single step of our digital life. When these social media platforms sell our data to digital marketers, the predefined algorithms take our data privacy at stake.

However, GDPR (General protection data regulation) is starting to take steps which will save our data by limiting companies to construct algorithms which must not utilize user information like this which may affect user privacy or limiting statistical surveys.

GDPR was implemented in May 2018.

GDPR - How Data Confidentiality matters in Digital Marketing

Solution to the threatening situation of data privacy

What is the solution to the threatening situation of data privacy? Following measures can be taken into action to reduce this issue of data privacy:

Prioritizing Privacy then Marketing

It is a big advice to marketers, instead of making marketing first priority, make privacy of data your priority first. Place yourself in the consumer's shoes for once and then use their data for the business purposes. Moreover, take only that information which can be helpful in your business success, discard all irrelevant and personal information of the user, the utilization of which by a third party can be harmful to the consumers.

Brand success with Hard Work

Hard work always pays off. Balance your brand with your performance instead of relying on statistics. Take your performance feedback or ask the consumer what would they like to be served with? Make some marketing conversation with consumers. Ask them to help you with better production and performance.

Eliminate Third Parties

Stop buying data from social media platforms, instead connect with consumers by yourself. Make some survey forms or websites where the user is able to give feedback on any businesses and inform about the choices of his or her purchases. It will also reduce the cost of advertising and purchasing consumer information.

Making business Data Repositories Secure

CRM (Customer relationship management) softwares like Groobix are often under attacks of hackers, which they attack to acquire information about customers and consumers. Those systems must be well secured and protected so that minimum data loss occurs and data confidentiality remains intact.

Conclusion of Data Confidentiality in Digital Marketing

Data privacy in digital marketing must be the key preference. Make useful surveys to collect information about the customer’s likeness and dislikes. Statistics for digital marketing must avoid giving out personal information of users.

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