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Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

I've been watching anime for a long time now. Also I'm a big fan of certain manga also. Recently I watched the Attack on Season 3 which was most certainly better than the manga version of the same uprising arc. In this article, I will enlist the top 10 anime ranked by number of views they get on their initial episode release.

Considering that there are re-runs and blu-ray/DVD releases of these anime. I've just kept the list limited to the first release of the episode and ranked the series on behalf of that particular number of viewers only.

This simplifies the process of ranking the anime. And also gives a good idea about the average number of people watching each episode.

Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

Here's the list:

1# Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is that the top of the list. Considering the anime is still incomplete. It still gets the most viewers per episode to get to the top of the list.

Netflix is currently working on a live action movie of the Fullmetal Alchemist which is still in the making. Here's the trailer for the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie.

2# Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is still incomplete as the manga is still progressing towards completion. Although its not sure that the manga will end or not. But the anime is still far behind. The anime has caught up to the manga chapter 71 and the next season isn't coming out till 2019.

However, the viewership has certainly been great for the anime as it is ranked second to Fullmetal Alchemist in the list of top 10 Anime.

Attack on Titan - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

3# Dragon Ball Z

The series continuation of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z was one of the most watched anime series of the 90s. The series ran from 1989 to 1996. It soon became a mega hit with games and movies being released soon on. 

Following the success of Dragon ball Z, two new series Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super were released.

Dragon Ball Z - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

4# Naruto Shipp┼źden

Naruto is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the leader of his village. The manga "Naruto" is the third-best-selling manga of all time (approximately 235 million sales).

Naruto's final episode released on March 23, 2017.

Naruto Shippuden - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

5# Bleach

Unlike Attack on titan, the manga "Bleach" is complete. And the only arc that is yet to animated is the Quincy Blood War arc. However a few episodes have been animated by fans. With fan animation still in works. Its still not possible that the final arc will be animated any time soon.

Bleach - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

Here's the list of top 10 Bleach anime fights just for you:

6# Dragon Ball Super

The continuation of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super has ended its anime for the English sub fans however the dubbed English version is still going and is approaching the tournament of Power. The anime has been well received by fans alongwith a short series Dragon Ball Super Heroes which minly had the purpose of promoting the game going by the same name and three feature films:
  • Dragon Ball Z - Battle of gods
  • Dragon Ball Z - Resurrection F
  • Dragon Ball Super - Broly (to be released on January 19, 2018)

Dragon Ball Super - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Viewers

7# One Piece

The anime One Piece is still not complete even after reaching 850+ episodes. Starting in October of 1999, the anime has yet to finish. With the dubbed version behind on the 570+  mark.

One Piece - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

8# Death Note

Death Note the anime aired between 2006-2007 and consisted of a total of 37 episodes. Rarely anyone I met hasn't seen this anime. The anime was one of the most watched during its run. But with time other series grew bigger while death note decided to end after just one season of 37 episodes. 

After the anime, the series has produced two live action movies and one netflix adaption movie.

Death Note - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

9# Pokemon

Pokemon, a manga, anime and so much more. Rarely you can find anyone who doesn't know about the franchise that is Pokemon. According to wikipedia, Pokemon has become the highest grossing media franchise since its birth.

Pokemon  - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

10# Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh has had different anime adaptations. The most famous one being the one stating the Pharaoh who possessed the body of the boy named YuGi. The boy later on got to possess the egyptian god cards which made him the best duelist of the world.

Yu-Gi-Oh - Top 10 Anime Ranked by Number of Views

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