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The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown | All Doll'd Up

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 aired on November 13, 2018. The episode is titled "All Doll'd Up" with the next episode 6 coming on  November 20, 2018 titled "The Icicle Cometh".

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown | All Doll'd Up

On tonight's all new episode of The Flash, "All Doll'd Up" Nora lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris. In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll (guest star Troy James). Meanwhile, Caitlin learns something about her father. Here's a special video of the guest star Troy James.

Iris was so insanely badass in this episode. After seeing how Iris dove after Barry it is easy to say why she becomes cold in the future. Just like Savitar, future Iris would be rocked to her core without the love of her life.

But there is confusion about the promo for next weeks episode and the fans are not prepared for anything that is going to hurt Caitlyn or Barry or Cisco or any of them. Also in next week's episode, we finally see a Catlin centric episode, it should be interesting. Putting little bit of John Carpenters The Thing story into the mix will be nice.

The guy playing Rag Doll Troy James is just so talented. He really was scary. For those hoping he comes back for more episodes. Here's a special cut scene.

The Ralph thing where he was basically swinging like Spider-Man was awesome and sad at the same time considering yesterday’s news.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Breakdown  All Doll'd Up

Initially I was very upset how XS was treating her mother. But, now I am happy they are having a connecting now, and bonding mother-daughter.

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That's all for the Flash season 5 episode 5 Breakdown.

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