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Youtube Update - Creator Studio replaced with Youtube Studio

The Youtube creator studio is being replaced with Youtube studio according to recent youtube update on Creator Studio. The youtube studio had been in beta testing mode for quite a few months now. Finally youtube is ready to cast Youtube Creator Studio out and bring forth Youtube Studio.

Creator Studio replaced with Youtube Studio -

Youtube Update - Youtube Creator Studio being replaced with Youtube Studio

Youtube Creator Studio had the following message for its users:
Did you know Creator Studio is getting a makeover? We’re replacing it with the new YouTube Studio in 2019! Get ready for more tools, personalized insights, faster news, and a better dashboard. Try it out now

Content Creators can still use Youtube creator studio till the beginning of 2019. After that Youtube creator studio will end its usability. Users will no longer be able to use it.

Youtube Update - Youtube Creator Studio being replaced with Youtube Studio

Try Youtube Studio Beta Version

You can try the new Youtube Studio Beta version by clicking the "Youtube Studio Beta" option in the sidebar. 

Try Youtube Studio Beta Version

Unlike Youtube Creator Studio, Youtube Studio is responsive to mobile devices. That means you don't need to download the Youtube Creator Studio app from Playstore to view your channel statistics. You can simply open youtube on a mobile browser and look at all the stats.

This is a huge improvement over the non-responsive template of Youtube Creator Studio, especially for mobile devices.

Difference between Youtube Creator Studio and Youtube Studio

As you can see from the visual perspective, the new youtube studio has a lot of different new tools added to the inventory.

Difference between Youtube Creator Studio and Youtube Studio

The first of them being the "Reach Viewers" tab. Here you can see the quantity of impressions of your videos from searches all over youtube as well as Google Search engine. A new addition being the click through rate that was not seen with the old Youtube Creator Studio.

Now you can access the comments directly through the "Comment" tab.

However, due to it being the beta testing phase, certain Youtube Studio are still not available like:
  • Playlist viewing and editing
  • Live streaming option
  • Translations and Transcriptions
  • Status and Features
  • Audio Library
  • Customize Channel and more

These will soon be added, for now you can use Youtube Creator Studio for these options.

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