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The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

The best blogging platforms for bloggers of 2019 are here. I've compiled the list. But first let's have a look at what a blog is first. Blog is a place where people share their valuable ideas and thoughts with millions of people of the same interest. Blogging is still popular despite the domination of social media sites, which have ruined the beauty of sharing thoughts and ideas with others and interacting and make contacts.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

Almost 10 years back, blogging was something which was not done by everyone because at that time for creating a blog you would have needed programming knowledge, so it was not everyone’s cup of tea. But today many technologies have made blogging easy and it has changed the internet world completely.

What if I tell you that you can have your own blog free of cost without any coding knowledge. Want to know how, then stick till the end.

Today many blogging platforms have emerged and it is quite confusing to decide which platform is best for blog. So here we present the best blogging platforms for bloggers 2019.

What is a Blogging Platform? 

First you need to know what is a blogging platform. Blogging platform is a content management system for creating and publishing your content on websites like WordPress, Blogger and many more.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

Here is the complete list of blogging platforms you should know if you are planning to start your own blog.

Before you actually start a blog, you will need to purchase web hosting and the most reliable webhost that I’d recommend is HostGator. HostGator is providing the most cheap hosting plan which is the shared hosting plan. Even if you will choose the Yearly Shared Hosting plan, you will be able to save a huge 75% of your total hosting cost. Click here to get 75% off on hostgator hosting plan 

1) - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It's easy and free.

Whenever it comes to blogging the word blogger strike through everyone’s mind. Blogger is a free blogging platform from google and is very easy to setup if you are just starting to step in blogging world. Many big bloggers have once used blogger because blogger is free and doesn’t charge you for anything. Using Google Adsense with Blogger can enhance your income alot because Google Adsense revenue share with Blogger is 0%.

You can easily create your own blog in few minutes with a free sub-domain which is great for newbies to start. However, blogger has some limitations like you can only create a simple blog ,but if you want to create attractive and responsive blogs then you lack this feature here.

However, new responsive themes are now present to download and use. Some are external while some are available as default blogger themes. - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

2) Create a Free Website or Blog

After blogger the second name the comes in the list is WordPress which is free platform for blogging and has all the tools for creating beautiful blogs. You can unleash your creativity with WordPress. You can signup for free plans and you will get plenty of tools to work with and learn new stuff.

However there are some limitations in the free plan and for some features to use you will need to purchase their business plan where you get a custom domain also. WordPress is very popular among many blogger because its functionality is great and offers a huge number of plugins for various works.

Wordpress - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

3) Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website

Well in terms of creating attractive and beautiful web pages, you should take a look at wix which is an amazing platform. The best part of Wix is that it gives drag and drop features with which you can have fun and also make quick changes.

Wix is very easy to use and an amazing platform for bloggers to work on. Starting with wix is free and you can easily setup you blog in few clicks. But every free thing has a hidden catch, here is the catch with Wix. In free plan you have limited resources and limited designs so to unlock all the extras you have to purchase the premium plans.

In free plan you will get 500MB disk space and 1GB bandwidth which I think is not good for blogs with good traffic.

Wix - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

4) Yola - Make a Free Website

Yola is similar platform to wix. It also gives drag and drop features. Starting with yola is easy. Yola offers a free plan in which you will get some limitations like you can host 2 blogs and each blog have 3 pages.

It offers many cool features like great site-builder to put all the things together and choose from hundreds of customizable themes. You also get the feature of editing its CSS properties if you have skillful knowledge of CSS.

Yola - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

5) Hubpages

Hubpages is a bit different platform from the others as hubpages is a huge network of bloggers,who can share their stories and can communicate with each other through their blogs. It offers some cool features like arts and design section where you can become more creative and show off your design skills to others. Hubpages helps every blogger to connect with each other and earn revenue from ads and affiliate ad networks.

Hubpages - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

6) Tumblr

Tumblr basically looks like a mixture of WordPress and twitter. It is easy to share you blog content and it also has a huge community.

Tumblr - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

7) Edublogs – free blogs for education

Edublogs is a education blogs for students, teacher and other education related personnel. Here, if you are fond of design and creation then this is your place to hangout. Edublogs is powered by WordPress and is free.

Here you can share educational related things with your college friends and teachers for free. They give you a lot of benefits and features to interact with each others. The free plan comes with 250 premium themes and 1 GB of storage space. However for extras you have to buy pro plan, if you want to get serious with your blog.

Edublogs - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

8) Jekyll - Simple, blog-aware, static sites

Jekyll is an amazing platform to host your blog as you will need to put raw text files and then it will turn it into a robust static site to host. It is the engine behind GitHub pages which means you can host your blog for free here. Making your blog with Jekyll takes away the hassle of managing databases and storage.

Jekyll - The Best Blogging Platforms For Bloggers 2019

9) Ghost

In ghost something is different. Unlike others on this list. How much you pay for ghost is depending on the size of the traffic and although it is free for 14 days because of trial. Ghost platform is slightly different from others as it is an open source. The most unique feature of ghost is that it gives preview of your post, how is it going to look while you are writing it down.

So, here are the best blogging platforms for bloggers 2019. You should choose you blogging platform wisely and don’t end up wasting your time on completely useless sites.

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