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HP Printer Problems | How to Resolve Major Technical Issues with HP Printers?

HP printers are well known for the printing quality they provide along with their admirable services. Though these are the best printers, still some times they start malfunctioning and is required to repair them by performing some troubleshooting steps. There are some of the major as well as common issues faced by users during the process of printing. Hence, these technical issues need to be corrected by following some process for each of them.

hp Printer Problems  How to Resolve Major Technical Issues with HP Printers

HP Printer Problems | Process to resolve major technical issues

HP printers malfunction some times due to major technical issues and it is essential to resolve them. Let’s have a look at these issues and solutions.

1# Issue with dirty toner

Toner is one of the most important parts in the printer; some times it may not get fixed to the page or will become dirty. In order to correct this problem, it is essential to check the fuser and in case if it is about to finish, then there is a need to replace it. Even if the fuser pops up a message on the screen saying that it needs to be cleaned, then that task need to be completed.

2# Paper gets jammed

Paper jam is another most frequent issue faced due to lot of reasons such as torn paper bits, dust, wrong paper tray selected, in corrected paper type and many others. In case if the paper bits are seen, just remove of them from the roller and start printing job. In case if the roller shines, then its time to replace it with the new one for using.

3# When printing task sent to wrong device

People generally use Windows 7 operating system, then it is required to open devices and printers option available through control panel. Then right click on the printer which is being used, and select the option as default printer.

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4# Error message 50.4

Error message 50.4 indicates problem in the power supply, which occurs if the power cord is placed in either UPS or even on the power strip. So it is required to plug directly into the power outlet.

5# 69.x error message

In order to resolve 69.x error message, it is essential to switch off the printer. Then switch on after waiting for 15 seconds, this will resolve the issue by resetting the configurations.

6# Issues related to wireless printing

Wireless printers are becoming popular these days and are widely being used in the offices as well as home. Though the wired printers are reliably faster than that of wireless printers, but still they are used very popularly. If these wireless printers are placed nearer to the Wi-Fi connection then there will be improvement in the speed. It is also necessary to remove the devices such as alarms or cordless phones which cause electrical disturbances and slow down the speed. In case if there are still issues in wireless printers the best option is to consider HP printer customer support team.

The above mentioned are some of the commonly faced issues by HP printers and can be solved by following the solutions that are mentioned. In case if the issues still persist, then it is required to contact HP professional support team.

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