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Download Free Responsive Blogger Templates Neko 2018 - Edited by AKBlogs

If you want to download the free responsive blogger templates, Neko template in this case, not the original version, but the edited version by AKBlogs then click here to download. Once you've downloaded the template, upload it to your blog and enjoy the better improved version of the theme.

The download is hosted on Google Drive, so this template is free for everyone to use.

Download Free Responsive Blogger Templates 2018 - Niko - Edited by AKBlogs

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Download Free Responsive Blogger Templates Neko 2018

The template is responsive, so its width adjusts to any screen. Also it's size is small, almost 35kb, so it loads faster.

Installing Responsive Blogger Templates

After downloading the template, installing the template is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to themes in your blogger account 
  • Click Backup / Restore (See picture below for detail)

Installing Template - Download Free Responsive Blogger Templates 2018

In the opening menu, click choose file and upload the downloaded xml file so that the new Neko theme edited by AKBlogs can be applied to your blogger blog.

Template Fixes

I've changed the theme a lot considering it looks very different from the original theme found online. One major fix is the missing h1 tag. The lack of an h1 tag affects the SEO of a blogger blog a lot. I've fixed this issue.

Also the main page had a featured slide which showed 5 posts that the creator wants to be placed there. I've removed it so the new user can see my most recent post first and not the ones I have to change every once in a while.

I've added additional sharing buttons. Apart from that there are only minor changes to the template. Enjoy the free responsive blogger templates Neko.

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