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Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc Episode 1 Released

Update October 2018

Retro Ryno has just released the dubbed version of the first episode of Thousand Year Blood War Arc. Here it is:

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Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc also referred to as the Quincy arc has made its way to the screens of its fans. The anime's final arc was the Fullbringer arc and the next arc was said to be animated by fans. However, the youtube channel Retro Ryno has yet to release its first episode but the Portuguese version of the first episode has already released.

Spoiler Warning for those who have not read the Thousand Year Blood War Arc and are all caught up with the Anime.

Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc Episode 1 Released

The episode is an alternative ending of the arc and shows the final battle between Ichigo and Yhwach. Also a brief summary about Ichigo's Zanpaktou, Zangetsu, is also told alongwith the brief summary of the whole arc is told by Ichigo himself.

Ichigo is seen to be present at the Soul King's palace and has got a great new power. His true Zanpaktou has been revealed and he has now became much more powerful than before.

Now with his new strength, he must face off against the biggest threat the soul society has to face, Yhwach. Said to be the father of all quincies. Yhwach is the most powerful quincy who brings along an army of quincies called Wandenreich. Each one of them is denoted by an english alphabet with A denoting the strongest and Z denoting the weakest.

Here is the list of all the Quincies:

List of all the Quincies - Bleach Anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Most of the quincies were killed by their own comrades. As a result of which the quincies lost the Thousand Year Blood War. If Tite Kubo had managed the characters well, he could have made it the best arc of Bleach anime, even better than the Soul Society arc.

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