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How to Create a Blog on Blogger in 4 Simple Steps

A Blog is a type of website. It differs from typical websites. A blog is where a blogger writes or shares videos, images and other stuff that he likes with the internet. Blogs can be created for any topic.

A blog's topic is what makes a blog unique. Since we are in the age of competition, there are always competitor blogs that are present.

In this article I will teach you how to create a blog on blogger. Older blogs get indexed by search engines quite quickly, age of a blog matters a lot. But once you get followers, your blog gets indexed as you go on posting posts in it.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger

The other good thing about blogging is that you can earn from it. I prefer Google Adsense for this. The difference about creating a blog and creating a website is that most blogging companies provide easy options to create a blog like where to add images or links or to show images.

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So it has become easy but in making a website, you need a website host most importantly. Then you need to know HTML, C/C++, PHP, Java and basic commands of these languages for making a website.

Although some websites provide a Website Builder, but it takes a long time to prepare a good looking website and to populate it with good information and content.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger in 4 Simple Steps

In this post, I'm going to tell you about building a blog from scratch on for free. Follow the following 4 simple steps to make your free blog:

1# Registering a Blog

  • Open site in your Internet browser. It doesn't really have to be, you can use other platforms. I have written about different blog hosts other than Blogger here. The website I have mentioned in this post are mostly free blog hosts. I prefer blogger because I get a lot of freedom from it. Also I am used to working on blogger for quite a while now.
  • Click the "CREATE A BLOG" button 
  • Click the "REGISTER A BLOG" button.

Registering a blog is necessary, it means  you have to register your blog at a sub-domain like Here Your-Blog-Address is a blog address registered at tumblr.

Registering a blog is an important part of blogging as it plays an important role in your SEO process. General rule of thumb is to keep it short, memorable and related to your blog's topic. Making it memorable is better so your followers don't forget your blog's URL.

2# Making a Blog

  • On the following page you'll be prompted to create a website account (If you already have a google account, you will be taken directly to "Making a Blog" procedure).
  • Once you're done with your account, click the “Create a blog” link.
  • Enter a Title for your blog, for example my blog's  Ali Khan's Blog. Naming a blog against your name makes it unique in the market to a large extent. Having a unique blog name effects the blog's seo positively.
  • Enter Address (URL) for your blog, if you already have a domain registered you can start making your blog through that domain, which is better for your blog's SEO. Top level domains tend to rank higher in search results.
  • A blog should have a nice and unique logo that represents its uniqueness and make it appear as a unique brand.

3# Starting a New Post

  • Then click the “Start Blogging” button or simply make a "New Post". The posts are what that make your blog, these are the main part of your blog which consist of text, images, videos and other embeds, that are related to the subject matter of your blog.
  • If your blog is about technology, your posts can be about mobile phones, laptops, drivers, etc. That are related to your blog's niche.
  • In the Title box of the Post enter the Title of your Blog Post, for example “New iPhone X released".
  • Your blog post's title is also a deciding factor for your blog's SEO. 
  • In blogger, you get a lot of formatting tools in the text formatting tool bar. Use these formatting tools to create a good looking post.

Starting a New Post

  • You can use tools like text size, text font, bold/italic/underline, text colour, text background colour, etc.
  • For your first blog post, I would like to advice you to write a "about a blog" post.
    In this post, enter the information about your blog, yourself and what your blog is about and some extra topics related to your Blog's subject and some good information that you have about the topic of your blog. Only a chunk will do at this stage.

4# Publishing a Blog Post

  • If your post is ready, click the “Publish Post” button.
Publishing a blog post is important, because now your post is visible to the world of the internet. Make sure to proofread your blog post. Good command on English is a key ranking factor for your blog's SEO.

If your english is not good, let a professional do it for you. Make sure to optimize your blog's posts SEO. SEO is most important now a days.

  • After making a number of posts, your blog will be good to go. Now you can either add more posts frequently or keep updating your old posts.

I hope this article helps you, now you know how to create a blog on blogger Don't forget to follow my blog Ali Khan Blogs on facebook Twitter.

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