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8 Ways on How to get Website traffic using Google Search Console

Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools is one of the most powerful tools for whitehat SEO bloggers who wish to blog and earn in a legal long term way. In this article I will explain to you 8 different ways on how to get website traffic using Google Search Console.

Google deserves most of a website developer's attention as a traffic source because Google actually controls the search engine market. Because, well, its the biggest search engine on the internet and also the no. 1 website according to Alexa website rankings. With no other search engine coming even close to google in terms of ranking and popularity.

Although Yahoo did have a good run in the beginning but it fell drastically for the search engine.

How to get Website traffic using Google Search Console

SEO analysts say that nearly 60% of all the website traffic that a particular website gets is from a search engine or Google, that's simply amazing. It is the biggest source of traffic for any new website and I also recommend it to you to pay attention to Google as much as possible.

There are some steps or you can call them tips, that I am going to mention below, pay attention to these steps and your website or blog can get popular just because of them and Google. They are:

1# Submit your website or blog's sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

If you submit a sitemap of your website or blog to Google Webmaster Tools, it informs the Google search engine of what pages or posts, in short all of your website's or blog's content, you have on the website or blog.

This is good for you because Google sends its Google Bot to crawl on all of your pages and posts, and return with all the content it finds. The Google Bot then indexes this content to the Google search engine.

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2# Try to know what sort of keywords to target before writing your article

To improve your traffic rank on the Google search engine, it's best to think about what keywords you want people to find you using. This might sound authentic but remember that the more popular keywords you target, the more competition you get from other website developers and bloggers, and you're unlikely to score high against them.

Instead think about phrases and word (including synonyms) that are less popular but you can easily rank higher for them. This will give you a higher score in the website search for that keyword and your website or blog ranking gets higher slowly and slowly.

How to get Website traffic using Google Search Console

3# Do not even try to upset Google through some false, strange or odd idea

If you upset Google through questionable practices or gaming your system, they are going to remove you from their search index once and for all. Now you cannot get back there no matter what you do and how hard you try.

Remember that this will remove not only the text content from Google Search results but will also remove all of your website's videos, images, etc. located on Google videos, Google Images, etc.

4# Submit your website to Google manually if you are using a New Domain

If you are using a new domain for your website or blog, submit your blog to Add URL to Google manually. It helps your website or blog a lot, if your website or blog is not already indexed by Google.

New domains usually take some time to be indexed by the Google bot, they are kept in the Google Sand Box till they are indexed by Google Bot.

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5# Update your website on a regulary basis

The Google search engine favours websites and blogs content that is new and changing frequently. Writing new website content/information on a regular basis ensures you about Google that Google indexes your website on a regular basis.

The more you write, the more quickly your posts and pages get indexed by Google. For some popular websites and blogs, Google indexes their new posts or pages within hours of publishing.

6# Try Interacting with other websites and blogs of the same niche as yours, leaving back links to your own website or blog

If you interact with other bloggers' and website developers' blogs and websites, by posting comments, then when their domain is indexed by any search engine, like Yahoo, Google, etc., it can follow the link back to your website or blog too.

This helps a lot and some say that it is one of the mightiest tools for getting back-links.

Use Images and index them to Google Images

Google Images can bring in new visitors too. Remember that Google is the biggest traffic source for any website now-a-days.

Place a website sitemap, latest posts widget, popular posts widget or recent posts widget in your website or blog's sidebar

Placing a sitemap, latest posts widget, popular posts widget or recent posts widget in the website's or blog's sidebar also gives your viewers a clear view about what is in your blog or website and this helps in driving quality traffic which are demanding your content.

I hope this article helps you, I hope you know now how to get website traffic using Google Search Console. Don't forget to follow my blog Ali Khan Blogs on facebook & Twitter.

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