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Youtube SEO - 7 Amazing and Simple Tips for Youtube Content Creators

Here are the 7 amazing and simple tips for youtube SEO that every content creator on youtube should follow very youtube content creator wants to get quick views, increased watch time and a huge number of subscriber count. Especially since Youtube raised the bar for monetizing a youtube channel in December 2017. In this article, I will teach you about Youtube SEO (Youtube Search Engine Optimization).

Getting monetization privileges is not a hard task as it seems, all you need are some good tips for getting more views, watch time and subscribers and your youtube channel will rank better than most SEOd channels.

7 Amazing and Simple Tips for Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO (Youtube Search Engine Optimization) is different from general blog or website SEO because this is basically video SEO and not text based SEO. The parameters are different in this case. These parameters are called metadata.

Metadata is information about your video that describes your video to the youtube search engine, information like the video title, raw file title, video description, tags, and annotations.

Metadata helps the search engine to place your video in places where it could be the most effective, getting more views for your video.

Youtube SEO (Youtube Search Engine Optimization)

Tips for getting More Views, Watch Time and Subscribers 

These are general tips and not hard and fast rules for success, some people have success using their own methods and some are just different in their approach. It all depends in what works for you. Here I have collected a list of Tips for getting More Views, Watch Time and Subscribers by searching through different articles and summing them up for you.

All these tips are basically factors which affect the rankings of video for a specific keyword. The goal is to have a video show up for the top 5 search results for its keyword.

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1# Make High Quality Videos ( 1080p or 720p or Higher )

The quality of a video determines how high it will rank in a search algorithm. Even when you search for a topic the search results are mostly videos that are available in 1080p (Full HD) or 720p (HD). This is in fact a search metric for the youtube search engine to rank the video with the best available quality the highest.

Also since 4k videos (videos with quality resolution of 3,840px * 2,160px) also called Ultra HD are in the competition, putting the highest quality resolution is a must to get as much search attention as possible.

Think about this through the youtube search engine's perspective, there are thousands of videos out there on education but the youtube search engine wants to give its users with the highest quality videos with respect to visual data that the youtube search engine has gathered from all those videos.

Make High Quality Videos (1080p/720p)

2# Make lengthy Videos ( 15 minutes or longer )

The length of a video decides its search engine ranking in an obvious way. The longer the video the higher its chances of being indexed at the top. 

All videos regarding a specific topic need to have sufficient information regarding the base topic. Now according to the youtube search engine's perspective the video with the longest watch time has to have the highest amount of content to attract the viewer. 

And yes I said watch time, since a while now youtube has been using watch time as a standard metric for viewers approval of video for being good content. Every youtube content creator now keeps the watch time as an important key factor for his video SEO. 

If your video does not have the ability to sustain a high watch time, it will go down in the search results.

Make lengthy Videos ( 15 minutes or longer )

3# Videos must be Regarding the Subject Title

One of the key factors that helps increase watch time is your video's relevance to the subject matter of the video. The title of your video defines what your video is about, but if the title and video content are different altogether, it would create a negative impact towards the viewer and eventually your video's watch time will be reduced.

More people will start loosing interest in your video as early as possible. Now to minimize this negative effect, you should create a video that is relevant to the title and gives the viewer complete customer satisfaction. This enhances your chances of going up the search ranking index as well as gives you new subscribers as well.

Customer satisfaction is the best way for getting new subscribers. 

Videos must be Regarding the Subject Title

4# Make Good and Attractive Thumbnails

For you to understand this, first we will discuss a little something called clickbait. Click bait is a term used to describe a type of title on a web page that entices a visitor to click to continue reading an article. Clickbait creates user interest and provokes a visitor to click a link to get more information about an article, story, etc.

To create attractive thumbnails, you need to create clickbait thumbnails that the viewer will click because of self interest. Attractive thumbnails that provoke a user not only increase the visibility of a video but also gets a lot of views.

Creating good and attractive thumbnails has become a necessity when it comes to creating quality content and Youtube SEO (Youtube Search Engine Optimization). All the top youtube search results have attractive thumbnails which enhances their chances of being clicked when they show up at any search results.

Make Good and Attractive Thumbnails

5# Description should be long and without keyword tags

When you write the description for your video keep in mind these factors while writing the description:

Never use tags in Description

Using your video's tags in your video's description will have a negative effect on your video's SEO. Youtube's search engine algorithm tends to take excessive keyword use as spam. So it is likely your video won't be ranked for the keyword you were wanting.

Make long description

Your video's description should be long and related to the keyword of your video. Think of your video's description as a small blog post that explains your video. Youtube has a character limit of 5000 per description per video. You should make the most of these 5000 characters. Don't just waste these characters on links. Write about your video's subject matter.

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Main keywords must be used again and again in Description

Your video's description should have your video's keyword in it atleast a two times. For example, if your videos keyword is a long tail keyword, e.g., Buy new clothes. This keyword should be used again and again in your video's description. Make sure your description makes sense and is not just stuffed with keywords.

Also small tail keywords like "Buy" and "Clothes" should be used as frequently as possible inside the description.

    6# Use Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords in tags

    Your tags should be relevant to the subject of your video and contain long tail and short tail keywords as many as possible. In the tags make sure to add a high number of short tail keywords. 

    One trick for getting your video in suggested videos of your competitors is putting their channel names in your tags. This will get your video to be suggested by your competitor's videos.

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    7# Social Engagement

    Social engagement by your video viewers helps a lot for getting your video to the top of search results. Social engagement consists of the following factors:
    • Video Comments
    • Subscribers
    • Shares 
    • Likes/Dislikes 
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

    Social Engagement

    Video Comments

    You should tell your viewers to leave comments on your videos at the end of each video. One way to get comments is to ask your audience about their opinion.


    You should tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video. Creating a short video that tells them about your channel and its content at the end of each video should help your cause. Use this short at the end of each video.

    A high subscribers count helps boost your youtube search engine ranking.


    Shares to social networks helps your video in two ways. It gets views from your viewers social media friends and also gets your video to a higher search engine rank because of the fact that social shares is a metric for Youtube SEO (Youtube Search Engine Optimization). Encourage your viewers to share your video at the end of your video.

    Likes and Dislikes

    Likes and dislikes are an important engagement metric taken into consideration by the youtube search engine. So an increased number of likes or dislikes means more and better engagement, resulting in a better rank for your video in search results.

    Likes and dislikes

    To clear a common myth, youtube dislikes won’t lower your video's ranking, they are actually quite helpful. They are taken into consideration as a video's proof of relevance by the youtube search engine while evaluating a video's relevance.

    Click Through Rate (CTR) 

    Your videos search interaction also describes to the youtube search engine that your video is either engaging or not. You can boost your CTR by having using clickbait titles and thumbnails.

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    I hope this article helps you, I will be writing more on these sorts of Articles. I have started a Beginner's Guide tag so as to help new Bloggers and Youtubers. Don't forget to follow my blog Ali Khan Blogs on facebook at Akblogspk.

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