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The List of Game of Thrones cast most likely to die in season 8

The show will finish with its eighth season premiering in Mid of 2019. Season 8 is going to be the last season of Game of Thrones until the spin offs start airing. Below are a few predictions of cast members that are most likely to die in Game of Thrones season 8.

This is a list of predictions and not spoilers. Its just what I came to conclude after reading a lot of articles related to Game of Thrones cast members on the internet.

List of Game of Thrones characters most likely to die in season 8

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1) Cersei will be killed, probably by Jaime Lannister

Cersei will die in this season not by the night king but by her brother who probably is Azor Ahai, perhaps we will learn of the death of her unborn child before her death in the starting episodes. The death of her unborn child will play a key role in her dying by her brother's  hands. Also fulfilling the witch's prophecy of having 3 dead children.

Jaime and Cersei are not through with one another yet. Their final meet will be a huge and heartbreaking moment for both of them, and there will be no other alternative to this either because one of them or both will die this season.

Cersei will be killed, probably by Jaime Lannister

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2) Melisandre and Varys Will Die in Westeros

We all know these deaths will take place in Westeros since Melisandre and Vary shared a landscape in one of the leaked images that also indicates both have some unfinished business in Westeros. Varys has always despised magic and fanatics, therefore it would make sense if this hatred made him mad with rage against Melisandre and eventually this fight will become a reason of his downfall.

Regarding Melisandre, well, if she comes from Volantis and meets Davos or Jon Snow from the North, she is dead because of Jon's orders. However, she has a background with Arya Stark. They're destined to meet, and several fans think that it'll be Arya who kills the Red Woman.

Melisandre and Varys Will Die in Westeros

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3) Daenerys Will Die 

It is A Song of Fire and Ice, and we have seen those components personified clearly in Season 7. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be the two heroes of Game of Thrones. The close of the saga is going to probably be connected with their fates.

Like most storylines on Thrones, we believe the end was hinted at and prophesied. For a little while the series has not been citing the Prince Who Was Promised for some unknown reason.

Everyone expects that the Prince may be Daenerys or even Jon, and we expect it is somehow equally possible for any one of them to be the Prince Who Was Promised, but a huge portion of the prophecy is that the passing of the Prince's love.

The night would be the Exact Same individual; then a different hero will rise to fight the shadow again. Her soul into it. 

And that is the way the Night King is going to be defeated. Jon Snow will Murder Daenerys to rescue humanity, but not until she gives birth to their child Targaryan.

Daenerys Will Die

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What about the Greyjoys? 

Euron Greyjoy will perish, certainly. He is among the most evil bastards on the show. His death is quite inevitable, just like Joffery, Ramsay and Roose Bolton he will die a gruesome death. Theon Greyjoy is en route to rescue Yara Greyjoy from his clutches, so they are all poised to meet again.

It appears unreasonable to indicate Theon could conquer Euron in a straight-up battle so a few spins will guess its way to things. We could see Theon stealthily breaking Yara out until they confront Euron. Theon will die heroically, and it is going to be Yara who murderes Euron.

What about the Greyjoys?

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Will Jon Snow Live?

Jon Snow flies on Rhaegal in the last moment and kills the Night King, but eventually dies afterwards leaving his child as the heir to the Iron Throne. Why not Drogon you ask? Because he will probably die in a straight-up battle against Viserion.

Ultimately, Jon Snow has been brought back to life for a goal, which is presumably to conserve the world of guys and keep his bloodline. Once he has finished those items, it is logical for him to go back to the Lord of Light.

Will Jon Snow Live?

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Sansa Stark/Bolton?

Sansa hasn't suffered as far as the other figures. She married Ramsey and was not offended by him as much as she could have been because of her timely escape. Aside from enduring torment in the hands of Joffrey, she's been comparatively unharmed.

Sansa's death won't take place until she becomes a complete player of the Game of Thrones. She will have more bite compared to the deaths of her other allies. The series is not likely to change her destiny, as we've seen Benioff and Weiss' want to hit all of the greatest moments from the novels including most of the deaths.

She will probably die inside the burning Winterfell castle, the images of which were leaked online.

Sansa Stark/Bolton?

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Jorah Mormont 

Jorah the Andal is likely to die alongside Jon. He will play an important part in the great war to come. Probably dying in the final battle against the white walkers.

Jorah Mormont

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The Mountain Ser Gregor Clegane

The Mountain is currently a dead man walking. Both of the brothers are actually dead men walking. These brothers actually remind of the WWE tag team duo the brothers of destruction, The Undertaker and Kane. Both had younger brothers burnt in their early childhood because of a fire the elder brother created.

Both brothers are likely to face each other before they die, and it's possible that the two of them are likely to perish at the hands of the white walkers.

The Mountain Gregor Clegane


It will be an epic struggle, who lives and who dies and who sits on the Iron Throne will all be decided in the final season of Game of Thrones and which cast members are most likely to die will decide the shows ending.

Again these are not spoilers or leaked information rather just educated guesses as to who will die and who will live.

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