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How to check if your website is penalized by google using Google Search Console

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very common practice among bloggers and website owners. Everyone wants their website to be on top of google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but this practice is quite common among the masses. Also google keeps updating their search algorithms which makes it more and more difficult to keep your self up to date with the new SEO guidelines. With the competition being so much, its really hard to make a blog that matters.

However, a lot of SEO black hats tend to use deceitful methods that will get their blog/website to the top of SERPs by manipulating the search engine. If google finds out that you tricked them to get better rankings, that will definitely get you penalized.

How to check if your website is penalized by google

Google's Penalty

On confirmation of using false means to trigger traffic to your website, google could take down your site from their search results completely. What could be worse than losing your free traffic source. This could even lead to the death of a blogger's career.

How do I find out?

So the question comes into the mind:

Is my site or blog suffering from a manual penalty from google ?

The answer is:

Website Traffic

The first way to find out if your blog has been blocked by google from being indexed is searching your website's traffic stats. It helps a lot to figure our where your traffic is coming from and how much of it is actually converting.
For a blogspot user, it is very easy to see if google blocked their website. Simply go to

"Stats" then "Traffic Sources"

Google Penalty Checker Method for Blogger/Blogspot

For general websites, you can search google with your site address with the prefix "site:", for example, search:

And you will find all the indexed pages for

Google Search Console

If your blog traffic has taken a blow, and you feel your site has stopped showing up in Google search results, this may be due to someone manually webspamming your blog. Google tends to use manual submission of reviews of sites for SEO as a sure way to determine that the site was actually using fraudulent methods to get traffic for it. And resultantly these sites get blacklisted from google's search results.

In order to find out about manual webspam for your site, simply go to Google Search Console and submit your site there, if you haven't already.

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Go to
Search Traffic” then “Manual Actions

“Search Traffic” then “Manual Actions”

If your website is considered spam by someone, you will see it here. You will possibly have to solve your webspam issues and wait for google to review it again for your website to be indexed. Hopefully, that won't be the case for most users and it is just because of low traffic, that's all.

Thats about all the ways to find out about your blog being penalized, I will updated this article regularly so that I may share new experiencex with you and everyone on the web. I also would like your feedback on how you countered google's webspam feature from penalizing you blog.
I hope this article helps you, I will be writing more on these sorts of topics and don't forget to follow me on facebook at Akblogspk.

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