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Dragon Ball Super Series Ending in March after a Long Run

Dragon Ball Super series ending in march after a long run. Dragon ball super (DBS) series is the continuation of the popular anime Dragon Ball Z. The series is canon and takes place in an alternate dimension from the GT saga.

The series started in July, 2015, and continued to be one of the most watched anime series (3rd) for quite the while. The anime was popular among viewers from Japan, US and all over the world. With the series dub completing its 46th episode and the series sub completing 123rd episode.

Dragon Ball Super Series Ending in March after a Long Run

The fans got a shock on 19th January, as Fuji TV announced that the broadcast of the anime series will be ending in March. As the universe survival arc is coming close to its climax, its still hard to predict the outcome of the series so far.

universe survival arc, dragon ball super

Although a lot of mysteries are to be unfolded in the series, there is yet not reason as to why this decision was made. The fans are distraught after the announcement. Here are some of the reactions on twitter.

Reactions on Twitter

First the positive ones:

The reaction is quite positive as brings about the best thing in the series, the new characters. This series brought some wonderful characters to life like

  1. Beerus the destroyer who seemed to be the biggest baddie until recently. 
  2. Hit the assassin from universe 6
  3. Goku Black, one of my favorite, an alternate version of Goku from the Trunk's timeline
  4. Jiren

With only 10 episodes to go, approximately, we still haven't seen the full potential of Jiren's ability and what he is truly capable of. Will we see a destroyer vs Jiren fight,it still doesn't seem to be coming up soon. Also I want to see a beerus vs Goku (Ultra Instinct) fight before it all ends.

Now for the negative fan reactions:

More like bitter sweet reactions

And finally when it ends:

And finally a picture of Goku in ultra instinct. I hope you like this article, I will be writing more on these sorts of topics and don't forget to follow my blog AKBlogs on facebook at Akblogspk.

goku ultra instinct, dragon ball super

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