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Pakistani Government takes off Media Channels and Social Media after Violent Clashes all over Country

Pakistani Government organization PEMRA reportedly takes down electronic media news channels from Cable networks all across the country after situation in country gets worse after violent clashes all across country.
The government also stopped social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. YouTube however is seen to be working fine at most networks including Zong and PTCL. Also people have resorted to youtube for news coverage. Links to TV channels most watched across country are below.

Geo News Live

Geo news is currently the most widely watched news channel across country on Youtube, ranking number 1 on youtube's trending list for Pakistan.

Second on the list is Samaa TV, being casted live.


ARY news live

ARY is also live on youtube.

Several other news channels have tried to show news of the ongoing unrest in the country. Here is some footage I found on Youtube of 92 News.

92 News is not available as well. But you can find some news broadcasts from their channel here.

In the news, Pakistani police is seen throwing tear gas and using water gun against civilians throwing stones. A protest that started almost two weeks ago with only a thousand people more or less, escalated towards violence today when armed forces and police with combined strength of 4,000 men started dispersing protesters.

Authority disperses blasphemy protests

Things escalated soon after, when the retaliation began. 

2 dead, more than 250 injuried in action against protesters

International media also reported unrest in the capital.

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