Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bloggertube template for Blogger Blog Free - BloggerTube V3.0.3

Bloggertube is a blogger template made purely for blogs that contain video content. Download the template using the following link:

Click Here to Download BloggerTube V3.0.3 Template

Keep in mind that the procedure I'm going to write will only be for a Blogger blog, not other platforms. As variations of the template have shown up everywhere. This post is purely for blogger.com blogs.


  • After Downloading the template go to blogger.com.
  • Click on "Template" and then click on "Backup/Restore" as shown in figure.

  • In the opening menu, click the "Download Theme" button to save your current theme, just in case something goes wrong, you can upload your current theme to get all things normal.
  • Then click the "Choose File" button to upload the template file.

  • After clicking on Choose file. A pop-up window will appear, choose the file downloaded from the link above in the pop-up screen and upload it. 
  • After uploading it click on "Edit HTML" as shown in figure.

  • Press Control key and "F" key at the same time i.e. CTRL+F to engage search of your internet browser.
  • Firstly search for the term "pub-" including the hyphen sign, without the quotation marks"
  • OR
  • Search for 6077535006898197, you will find 8 or 4 searches for these two words, you only need to search for one of them. 
  • Replace the whole adsense ad code with your Adsense parsed ad code of the same ad size in the ad code already present. If your Publisher ID is "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxx" then "xxxxxxxxxx" is your publisher id. "xxxxxxxxxx" would obviously be some numbers.

  • Then search for "youblogslogo" and replace it with the link of your blog's logo, that you have created for your blog.
  • Then search for "yourblogsname" and replace it with your blog's Name, i.e. the title of the blog.
  • Then search for " page 1", "page 2" and "about" and replace them with your blog's page names and their URLs in their respective "href=" tags.
  • After that simply press "Save Theme" and your BloggerTube V3.0.3 template is ready use , and your blog is now ready for posting videos.


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