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List of Best Ad Networks & Affiliate Marketing Websites For Publishers 2018

Here, I am going to mention some of those websites that are going to help bloggers and website developers, mainly newbies, to earn from their blog sitting in their home.

Note that every blog has its own way of making money, some of the websites I will write about below will work for some blogs while they won't for other blogs. It also depends on the content of the blog and the ads provided by the advertising company.

But in the end its all about the targeted traffic. If the content helps, it will sing.

Advertising Websites:

The best way to earn through online websites, is by adverting ads. Once you get acquainted with the layout of your website, the best thing is for you to do is to create ad spaces. Once you do that you can start looking for advertising agencies that will give you ads to serve on your website.

The list of the advertising agencies I was talking is as follows:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is, by far, the best in contextual advertising on the web. You can search any advertising or ad publishing company recommendations on the web, you will see Google Adsense at the top of the list, every time.

Google Adsense publishers have too many success stories, even now there are publishers who earn upto 40,000$ per year from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense has the largest variety of advertisers due to which every keyword gets some ads behind it. They have the second largest variety of ad unit sizes. The best is Chitika though in ad unit sizes, the reason is below in the Chitika section. Google adsense gives ad units not only to its users for websites and blogs, it also gives ad units for feeds, domains and search engine's search results.

They have opted out of ads for feeds since July 26th, 2012. But they have started different other features like responsive ads.

Responsive ads are ads that can be placed anywhere within a website. These ads check the available width and display the biggest ad unit that can be placed within these limits. These type of ads are quite useful as they are useful for responsive websites, that have different page sizes for different pages. Also they display appropriate ad sizes for mobile users.

eCPM for Adsense ads is between 0.01-3.2$, this is just a value that I calculated from serving ads on different sites.

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Chitika is also a contextual advertising agency like Google Adsense, but it doesn't offer income from clicking ads, it supports giving revenue only for impressions on ads. Since a lot of people have been complaining about their google adsense accounts been closed down and their money not being given back to them. Chitika is more recommended then Google Adsense.

However the eCPM for Chitika is quite low. Almost 0.0001$-0.5$ for most ad units. This is only helpful if you have thousands of pageviews. However, it also depends on the niche of your website. The content decides a lot about the ads you get. And the revenue that follows with it.

Also getting an account in Chitika is much more easier then in Google Adsense. The best part of it is that Chitika gives ads relevant not only to the context of the web page, the ad is placed in, but also relevant to the search keywords used by the visitor for coming to that website.

It also has a unique profile for every visitor, with the help of which it displays ads related to the interest of the user itself, apart from the ads given by the context of the webpage or blog post.

Chitika has a huge variety of ad units, even more then Google Adsense since advertisers tend to prefer it as compared to adsense because it allows lower budgets. It was my second best option to try Chitika which eventually turned out to be the best for me and my blog.

Chitika's ad unit size can be adjusted, if you use Chitika Premium, you can choose any number of ads to display along with the width of the ad unit.

Recently chitika has become strict with publishers who do not own a custom domain. Custom domain (like is necessary now to apply for the chitika publisher program.


Bidvertiser is also a contextual advertising company that has been in this business for a long time. Bidvertiser is somewhat customizable as compared to other ad serving websites. You have to supply the keywords and category of your website yourself to Bidvertiser. Unlike Google Adsense and Chitika, who get these things themselves. Bidvertiser is actually an affiliate ad marketing website.

You don't get paid for a click, instead you get paid for people clicking and then doing some particular task on the opening ad which is termed as "interacting". This is a bit difficult as it sounds but it becomes easy as your websites get more targeted traffic.

Bidvertiser gives payouts of even 10$ through Paypal.

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Buy Sell ads is a relatively new ad publishing website, founded in 2008, as many new bloggers have rushed to it because of its new features. You can know about these features at their blog. Buy Sell Ads (BSA) turned out to be great for bloggers that were not earning great amounts from Google Adsense and Chitika, because Buy Sell Ads is simply about selling and buying specific ad space, either that may be a 125*125 ad unit, or bigger.

However, now they have new policies which includes that websites having less than 500,000 pageviews monthly are less likely to get approval.


AdRecover is also relatively new and gained much popularity after it make ads show up for users using the adblock app. AdRecover not only disabled adblock for its ads but also continues to do so. See the picture below:

Related image

This helped AdRecover to get a lot of initial publishers after which they had to change their policies. Now AdRecover requires its publishers to have atleast 500,000-1,000,000 pageviews monthly to get approval.

Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is UK based advertising company. They don't have any prerequisites for new publishers. Websites with any amount of traffic can apply and be ready for ad serving.

They have high eCPM rates from 1-8$ but this is different for sub-continental publishers where eCPM has even dropped to 0.01$.

Recently they have stopped giving banner ads and are concentrating on popunders. Popunders are quite popular now a days because of their high eCPM rates. Also one popunder per page does give a high CTR.

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These are all the advertising websites that I am recommending. See "Steps to make your blog popular" post to increase your website traffic, especially for newbies. Now for different type of advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling digital or real products through the internet using an affiliate (who is the blogger or website owner).

Affiliate marketing is a slowly becoming a very popular method of advertising on a blog, as you get more visitors, the number of sales of the  product that you promote also starts increasing. Some products in Affiliate marketing even give 5-50$ commission per sale. So you can choose between the ad services mentioned above or see the post "Popular affiliate marketing websites" to select the affiliate advertising network you need for your blog.


Amazon (the US, UK and CA websites) will help a lot because it has huge amount of products that you can sell, visit for the US affiliate website and for the UK affiliate website. There are other websites of amazon too, but I am recommending these two because the other three are for their own locality.

The US website is recommended in the case that they have a relatively larger variety of gadgets and ad tools that an affiliate can use to increase his sales.

The UK website is recommended in the case that they have higher prices of products relative to the prices at the US website, so the profit, in each sale, is more by a certain amount for the same product in the UK website while it is less in the US website.

For example if a product is sold for 59$ at the US website, the same product will be sold for 72£ at the UK website and your commission as an affiliate will be relatively much more for the UK website. However, this is not applicable for all products. You should see the county which supplies you with the most traffic and select that program as suited. Use google analytics to see which country has the most audience.

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CJ Affiliate Program

CJ affiliate program is an affiliate program which has gathered a lot of advertisers and publishers. They readily allow communication between advertisers and publishers. Their advertisers are some of the biggest names on the internet like GoDaddy , CyberLink, Norton, etc. With more than 2,500 advertisers, CJ Affiliate is the best for newbies.

There are a lot of advertising products for publishers to choose from and also alot of ad units, links and banners both.

Read the post Popular affiliate marketing websites to get a full list of affiliate marketing websites.

Sell Private Ad Space

You don't have to sign up for any of these advertising companies mentioned above or other affiliate companies, you can sell your own blog's ad space at your own budget.

Although you need to get a good amount of daily visitors almost around thousand visitors to your blog before you try out private advertising, otherwise no one will ever request for an ad space on your blog.

Try letting the advertiser decide where to place his ad.

Writing E-Books related to the same topic as your blog

Writing and then selling e-books related to the topic of your blog or topics/subjects of your blog also helps earning revenue by those visitors that are interested in the topic/subject of a blog post. E- books can be sold at any price using PayPal and Google Wallet.

E-books are hard to write in the beginning but as you continue your blogging career and keep writing on your blogs, it becomes easier and easier to write longer blog posts and then you approach the field of writing e-books comprehensively.

There are websites that sell e-books to thousands of readers. Here is a list of few:

Thousand and thousands of affiliates sell your ebook to the world. You don't have to worry about the popularizing or making it viral content. It popularizes your e-book quickly and it becomes one of the highest gravity products in market.

The best way of making your e-book sell to the maximum number of people is by giving each affiliate about a good part of the amount that you earn for a single sale of the e-book. In this way the product gets thousands of sales easily with this method, because those affiliates are smart and they sell products fast through their means.


These are all the tips that I could give you about earning from a blog, I will updated it regularly so that I may share my experience with you and everyone on the web. I also would like your opinion on other blog posts on my blog. I update them regularly.

Remember that the success of a blog mostly lies on the number of posts and the content that is in the blog posts. These factors make up the traffic circle of a blog. I hope this article helps you, I will be writing more on these sorts of topics and don't forget to follow me on facebook at Akblogspk. I mostly do linking of my blog posts to my facebook page, which may help you.

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