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How to Socialize a Blog through Facebook & Twitter

If you have a blog then you must long for more traffic and what other way to get traffic which is interested in your blog's niche than through social media. Two's biggest social media sites; facebook and twitter, are the best for a blog to get engaging traffic. But how do you get traffic from facebook and twitter towards your blog?

How to Socialize a Blog through Facebook & Twitter 

The best way to get their attention to the blog is by creating a platform for them to follow through social media. Best for facebook is that you either:

And for twitter is to;

  • Create a twitter account which represents the blog (usually carrying the same name as the blog)

These will help interested visitors to stay in touch with your blog. However it becomes really difficult and time consuming to post all your posts to social media so I found a site which posts on social media sites on your behalf.

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Twitterfeed is a new website on the block and someone not having enough visitors on his blog can automatically attract visitors. Follow a few simple steps to generate the quantity of visitors you require:

  • Firstly go to Twitterfeed
  • Create an account
  • Add your blog's feed address there (if you have a blogspot blog, you can find your blog's feed link here)

Even if you don't use your blog's feed, it will help a lot to drive visitors.

  • Afterwards link you facebook account and twitter account with your Twitterfeed account. I suggest creating a facebook page for your blog.

Then every new blog post you post will be automatically be listed in your profile or in your facebook page as a facebook post and also as a tweet in your twitter account and your followers (on Twitter) and friends (on Facebook) will be directed to your posts and you will start having traffic as soon as your post is published.

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[Update] How to Socialize a Blog through Facebook & Twitter

Twitterfeed has shut down as of October 31st, 2016. So its features cannot be used. They left us a message.

Now when we open the website we get the following message:
Attention: Twitterfeed has shut its doors. Please move your feeds to another service.
We recommend
Thanks for all the feeds!


Now we will look into the alternative and how it is better then twitterfeed.

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Simply sign up for free using Facebook & Twitter and link all your social media accounts from Facebook and Twitter. 

Simply sign up for free and link all your social media accounts from Facebook and Twitter.

Next link your blog's feed for the automated posting to work. Now every time you post a new blog post, it will automatically be posted on your social media accounts.

I hope this article helps you, now you know How to Socialize a Blog through Facebook & Twitter.

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