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Socializing a Blogger Blog on Twitter with FeedBurner

Ever since I started posting on my blog, I used to copy my blog post links and paste them to my twitter account tweets with customized headings that would make my tweets descriptive towards my blog post and make it likable. The main reason I did this was to get as much traffic as possible for my newly made blog post through twitter.
However, it took me quite the time to realize that certain websites can do this work for me and also do it in a better way.
  • These websites can post tweets of blogger posts to multiple twitter accounts
  • These websites can post tweets automatically as soon as the post is posted (some take time as much as 30 minutes)
  • These websites can post blog links to other social media sites as well
  • They also tend to repost old posts so that you keep getting traffic
  • They also allow email subscriptions feature
Since we only discuss twitter sharing in this post. We will be discussing a website that offer posting only tweets on your behalf.


FeedBurner is a free feed management website owned by Google (just like Blogger). It is a very useful tool for bloggers and helps bloggers grow their page followers and keep their readers interested.
When you create a new blog on blogger an xml feed is automatically created for that blog and its address is as follows:
We will see how to create a feed through feedburner for your blogger blog.

Creating a FeedBurner Feed for your Blogger blog

Creating a feed for your blog is easy. FeedBurner can create a blog's feed in a few simple steps. After logging in to feedburner through your google account at you will see the lists of all the feeds you created or if its your first time visiting you will be shown a page where you will be prompted to either "Claim your Feed" or "Burn a new Feed" like this:

Now for the first step, enter your bloggers address in the text box as shown below and click next.

On the next page you will be prompted to select the type of feed. Blogger generates two different xml feeds for your blog i.e., Atom and RSS.

Check the RSS option as your default and click next. On the next page you will asked about the title of the feed and its address. You should keep the feed title the same as the blog's title with the suffix "Feed" and the feed address that represents your blog like my blog's feed address is which ends the same as my blog's name.

After clicking next your blog's feed will be created and a new page congratulating you on its creation will be shown.

Linking the FeedBurner Feed to Blogger Blog

After you have successfully created the feed, the most important thing to do is to link it with your blogger blog. Now copy the feed address and paste it in bloggers:
  • "Setting" tab - "Other" tab - Post Feed Redirect URL option (see image below for detail)

Click Add and paste the feed URL in the "Post Feed Redirect URL" dialog box that appears and click save.
Your Blogger blog's FeedBurner feed is successfully created and linked to your blog. From now onwards when you or any other visitor opens he will be redirected to your feedburner feed. 

Socializing your Blogger Blog with Twitter with FeedBurner

Now for the part you came here for. Login to feedburner and select your feed. On the opening page select "Publicize" tab as shown below:

On the side tab select "Socialize" and the following page appears.

Click "Add a Twitter Account" button and link your twitter account with feedburner. Select the appropriate formatting options and finally click "Activate" to start using feedburner services for your blog.


Your new blogger posts will automatically be posted by using a site called feedburner. Simply login their with your google account and claim your feeds by entering the URL address of your website. Follow the steps mentioned above to create your feeds and click on "Publicize" tab. On the left hand side you will see a "Socialize" button. In that menu add your twitter account and enable that feature by clicking the "Activate" button  at the bottom left side of the page. Now every time you post a new post, feedburner will automatically tweet a link of your blog post in your profile.

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