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Game of thrones - What to Expect from Season 8

The final episode of season 7 has finally aired without leaking by the hackers who have gained quite the fan support for leaking earlier episodes and still alot was not revealed. If you look up the scenes that were cut from the season, you would realize that there was more to the story than what we saw.

Questions were answered regarding Jon Snow's parents and his lineage and claim to the Iron Throne. Also a new relationship was seen to be cemented between Daenerys and Jon during the finale's ending, that turned out to be a blood relationship as Bran warged towards the marriage ceremony of Rhegar and her beloved Lyanna Stark.

According to Bran, "Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie." Also Renly Baratheon never approved of the Rebellion. The time wad indeed was one of the worst time of westeros when all of the seven kingdoms were part of a great war. His statement before walking off from Robert during his boar hunt reflected his feeling towards the great war:

What to Expect

The Great War

With only six episodes remaining in the series, the great war is a definitely going to be the main discussion topic and also the main fighting battle in season 8.

With the army of the dead on the march towards Winterfell, with white walkers, normal sized wights, wight giants and now a blue eyed blue fire breathing dragon, things will get very interesting in the wars to come. We know that the living forces now with an unsullied army, dothraki forces, the northern forces, the knights of the Vale (don't know for sure) and two full grown fire breathing dragons will have trouble beating the army of the dead and exactly how much trouble is upto the creative side. Also if this battle will end on the field or in some castle (probably the red keep) is a mystery but my guess is it will end at dragonstone.

How on dragonstone you ask, I think the night king will take over westeros, fly to dragonstone and be killed there by Jon Snow. This deduction is based on one of the visions of Dany from Season 2 where she saw snow falling inside the throne room. That signifies that the throne room

The Prince that was promised

Since Jon Snow is such an important part of the series, after being revealed as Rhaegar Targaryan's son in the finale. It wouldn't be wrong to assume that he is the prince that was promised in the prophecy. His revival in season 6 and his stance on killing the dead throughout season 7 has proven him to be more important than any other character in the series, even Dany.

Since he also has a claim to the Iron Throne now, he very well could be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series (with  Dany as his queen) but that is a long time away.

Queen Cercei's Baby

Queen Cercei Lannister has been shown pregnant in this season, however a lot of people believe this to be a part of a plan made by Cercei so that she could get Tyrion to betray Dany for him so that her LANNISTER heir be sitting on the Iron Throne after this is all over. But this isn't true, if you read about the missing scenes from season 7, there would have been a scene in the finale where Cercei miscarries the baby which would have been a better ending to the season but was edited out before the final release. However this scene will  be a part of season 8 OR if the showrunners have decided to leave this out completely and make the baby a scheme is entirely upto them. 

So this is all but some of the things we can expect from the next season. Hope you liked it dont forget to share and leave a comment below.

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