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All Things Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice on Youtube

Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice (BvS) released on 25th March, 2016 has been one of the most controversial comic book films where critics not liking it as much as the fans. The fans responded with respect towards the franchise launching movie even with the flaws. Having so much negative reviews in the beginning, BvS lost a lot of its crowd due to negative reviews. Despite this fact, the movie still made 872.7 million USD from the Box Office.
However BvS had a lot of hype in the beginning, especially at comic con 2015. With the teaser trailer released in 2015, fans were more excited then ever.

BvS Official Teaser Trailer 

Even before BvS, youtube users had started to make parody videos of BvS since it was announced quite early that it was going to be a versus movie and not a team up. One special video I wanted to share was launched on youtube almost 3 years ago which included a debate among the two caped superheroes on a rooftop.

BvS Parody Video

BvS had a total of 3 trailers excluding the teaser trailer, first one landing at comic con 2015, which for me was the best trailer. The second released on september.

BvS Comic Con Trailer 2015

BvS Trailer 2

The third trailer wasn't liked by fans alot as it contained a huge spoiler in the end which was the main villian "Doomsday". Also Doomsday wan't the same thing as it had been shown in the animated shows and movies, however earlier designs showed doomsday to be completely different from what we saw on screen.

BvS Final Trailer

After the backlash and a lot of negative reviews by the critics, Cinema Sins wasn't far behind reviewing the whole movie. The channel counted 174 sins for the movie.

Everything Wrong with BvS

However after the release of the Ultimate edition, fans demanded Cinema sins review this new edition, some time later a new video was released which removed only a few sins.

Everything Wrong with BvS Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition removed a few plot holes and added a few new characters that were missing from the cinematic version but the fact was that BvS could not become the success it should have been. Before releasing social media had a lot of hopes for BvS. One sure way to improve the movie was to change the ending, that is what HISHE did.

How BvS should have ended

Also, this is what happened after the movie had ended in the after credits.

BvS After Credits - HISHE

Now for the gladiator match everyone waited to see on the big screen for a long time. I wanted to see Superman win but I guess it should be considered a draw.

BvS All fight Scenes from the Ultimate Edition

In the honest trailer, screen junkies actually wrote down all of Lex Luthor's plan to make Batman and Superman fight. That was not only based on a lot of deductions but you can say that it was almost impossible to be considered a plan.

Honest Trailers - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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