Wednesday, September 20, 2017

All Things about Wonder Woman on Youtube

New Wonder Woman Honest Trailer hit the web almost two hours ago and it is quite positive. Considering how Screen Junkies roasted the last movie "Kong Skull Island" this one got the opposite treatment and was praised for its vision and story and almost everything else.
This installment of the DCEU was nothing like its predecessor BVS and was loved by fans all around the world. BTW I did like Suicide Squad alot.
Wonder woman is the second highest grossing movie this year in the US with $411.4 million behind Beauty and the Beast. Internationally making $818.9 million worldwide, being seventh in the list.

Honest Trailer

Before the honest trailer released, the channel How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) posted a new video called "How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended." They usually post alternative endings to movies which are somewhat funnier and make more sense then the original ending. 
For wonder woman HISHE ended the movie with only one change and that was [Spoiler for the next posted video] Steve Trevor not dying in the end thanks to Wonder Woman.


In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight's Show with Jimmy Fallon, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot came forward with the fact that she didn't know about the fact that she was auditioning for Wonder Woman.

The Tonight's Show with Jimmy Fallon

In recent interviews, Gal Gadot revealed about her training routine to get into shape for the role of wonder woman. Also the cast of Wonder Woman had to look muscular especially for the beach fight. The amazons had a tough routine that led to some nice training scenes. This video is dedicated to the hardwork of those amazons.

Training The Amazons 'Wonder Woman' 

Gal Gadot's performance alone wasn't the only reason for Wonder Woman's success at the Box Office. One other person whose performance made a huge impact on the film was Director Patty Jenkins, ofcourse the performance was off screen but every thing Patty Jenkins did on set help make Wonder Woman a success.
Now that she's will be going to direct Wonder Woman 2, things will only get better for her. Here a behind the scenes video from the set of Wonder Woman with a few bloopers.

Wonder Woman Bloopers and Behind the scenes

Wonder Woman was one of Gal Gadot's biggest hits on the box office. Saying that means something, coming from the former Miss Israel. She was almost ready to leave acting because of her downfall as an actress.
Here's a fun video of Gal Gadot and the cast of Wonder Woman, looked in their previous projects.

Wonder Woman Cast - Before and After

In his show, Conan had a nice time training with Gal Gadot and her trainer for Wonder Woman. The three of them were hanging in a training centre. Here they are training:

Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Now these are a few scenes from Wonder Woman the movie hope you enjoy them. Don't forget to comment and share us on facebook and twitter.

Ares Transformation

Bathroom Scene on Themyscira

Wonder Woman vs Soldiers

Wonder Woman Opening Scene

Diana and the General Dancing

Alley Fight

Steve Trevor's Death

Ares Reveal Scene

Wonder Woman Training

And finally, my favorite scene.

Amazons vs Germans

Hope you enjoyed the video collection, don't forget to comment and share this article on facebook and twitter.

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