Monday, August 28, 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale - What we Learned [Spoilers]

The seventh season of the number 1 show on television finally came to an end last night. Considering there is only one season left of six episodes, its going to be a long wait.

In season 6 of Game of Thrones we witnessed that Jon Snow was indeed Lyanna Stark's son and Rhaegar Targaryen was his father who captured her mother and raped her. We saw in the episode 5 of season 7 that Rhaegar didn't actually raped her instead was married in private in a secret ceremony in Dorne. Finally in last night's episode we saw that his name is actually Aegon Targaryen the Sixth. With this in the knowledge of both Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark, soon everyone will find out the true heir to the iron throne.

What we Learnt:

  • Cercei is indeed Pregnant; People didn't believe she could get pregnant as according to the witch in season 5 she would have 3 children with golden hair. But after last night's episode it was quite clear she is pregnant and wants her to be born child to sit on the Iron Throne. 

  • Jon Snow is the Prince that was promised; last night's episode finally proved this prophecy. Ever since his resurrection,  Jon Snow has been in a prominent position in the show. Considering he was Lord Commander in season 5 and soon became the King in the North afterwards by the end of season 6. I actually think the series has become more about Jon Snow then Daenerys Targaryen from Season 6 onward. We didn't see him riding a dragon but there was a scene in episode 5 which does show that he does have some link to the Targaryen bloodline because we didn't see anyone else touch the dragon the whole time except Tyrion Lannister. He himself is rumored to be the son of Aerys Targaryan, The Mad King.
    My theory is that Dany may die early in the next season and Jon and Tyrion will ride the dragons to victory in the Great War to come.

  • The Starks are united; last night's episode only had one major death, which is confirmed, Little Finger died at hands of Arya Stark and on the orders of Sansa Stark. Although this death was spoiled quite long before the beginning of the season, the build up was quite good and surprising to me how Sansa easily played Little Finger for a fool with a little help from her siblings.

  • The Wall is no more; the epic battle we saw in episode 6 was indeed a prelude to what the night king was going to do. He killed Viserion and with this new blue eyed white dragon to his side destroyed the wall and brought the army of the dead inside the seven kingdoms. With everyone gathered in the North the first battle of the Great War will be a snowy one

  • Theon Greyjoy finally has some hope; Theon has been mentally repressed ever since he has been captured by Ramsay, now with a few of his last men, he plans to take back his sister. Lets see where this goes.

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