Monday, May 15, 2017

Attack on Titan Episode 32 - Season 02 Episode 07 Review

After the last episode when Bertholt and Reiner revealed themselves as the powerful Colossal and Armored titans, and trying to capture Eren leading to his transformation as the Rogue titan, which ended the last episode. This episode was surely going to be better.

This episode began with a flashback scenes from the early days of season 1 when Eren and the rest of the 104th cadet corp were training and Eren was seeking help which he eventually got from Reiner & Bertholt, who took him to this beautiful place:

And then the continuation of the fight we've been waiting for, ever since we realised Eren could become a titan. The fight between Rogue titan and the powerful Armored Titan. That started with this punch:

And Rogue titan making this face:

Mikasa wasn't happy with herself as she, according to herself, missed the only chance to kill the titans humanity at this moment feared most.

But I guess she really could kill a human friend with one sword slash who pretty much looked at her like this:

While the scouts tried to fight and kill the colossal titan, in which they miserably failed, the key battle at this time was between Reiner and Eren's titan forms. 

The colossal titan devovuerYmir and some other scout alive. Yet he had a little fight scene with the scouts and eventually showed off his new ability where he spewed steam from all parts of his body.

And finally the fight began between Eren and Reiner with a huge punch. But first just take a look at the resemblance:

After the huge fall from the wall:

The armored titan started knocking Eren with his armored fists,

Until Eren finally got a reminder from his training from Annie (the female titan), about beating a man who is stronger then him.

And then the fight started really becoming interesting,

Eren using his training in martial arts pinned down Reiner to a point where he had no right arm and was pinned down in a neck lock with his face on the ground

The fight lasted for about 14 minutes. But just when Eren was about to take out the armored titan's head, the colossal titan fell on the two, where the episode ended:

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