Monday, April 09, 2012

Cheap domain names for Bloggers in Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan and have a credit card, through a service which is recognised internationally, you would not have any type of problem finding a good domain registrar which even gives full DNS (Domain Name Server) control with the domain. I would suggest GoDaddy or for this, because both are cheap. GoDaddy even more because now their domains are less then 10$, even google refers to GoDaddy.

But if you don't have a credit card and can easily pay by cash directly to your domain registrar than go to CreativeOn. They charge only 750 Rs. for one year. Buying is easy, you simply have to pay to them in their office found in Lahore. I tried it and I am satisfied with it.

If you can find any other good domain registering website on the net in Pakistan, let me know about it and don't forget to give your opinions.

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