Search Blog is closing is closing - It has been 6 years since Zlio has been launched. Their report says that they were  running out of business due to which they had to close their business and join the dead pool.
However, their company will officially close in September of 2011. is closing

Zlio had a great start, their e-mail report said that Zlio received capital from one of Europe's largest venture capital funds, Mangrove.

The amazing initial start of Zlio was interrupted on September 27, 2007, when the majority of Zlio's highly ranked shops saw their Google ranking drop, which eliminated 65% of the website's traffic including member's shop's traffic.

Now, only exceptional shops, out of the 380,000, have a high ranking in Google Search
Unfortunately, the Google search loss was inevitable and the success of Zlio was lost with it. Zlio also depended on its users to make their shop's rankings go higher through social networking but this also failed.

Zlio has been losing money for several years which forced them to reduce their own staff.
"The Zlio shops will close on September, 2011" - Zlio
They have also said that the owners of active domain names which are registered through Zlio will soon receive an email with the information required to transfer their domain name to another website. is closing

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