Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Your Google Sites website's sitemap

Many people using Google Sites don't know about their website's sitemap and don't find it even in searches and they probably have to make it themselves. But they don't know that Google Sites has already made a sitemap for their website, which they can easily use in bringing traffic to their site by submitting it to Google Webmaster tools.
Now, if you have a website at Google Sites which has an address/URL like:
Then your website's sitemap address is
You simply needed to add  system/feeds/sitemap at the end of the address of your website and you can easily get your website's sitemap.
The sitemap of a website when submitted to Google Webmaster tools helps a lot in driving traffic to a website, because Google now knows what your website contains and the google bot will soon index your website's pages and other information and the content of your website which helps drive quality traffic to your website, which are interested in your website.

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