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Is ClickBank a Scam?

I have seen many people writing posts and reviews about the topic, "Is ClickBank a scam" just because they don't know some basics of being a Clickbank affiliate. The phrase "Is Clickbank a scam" has become more popular in google search than expected.

Mainly due to some reasons which I have mentioned below. Clickbank has a little system through which it deducts money earned by its affiliates in a manner the affiliate has agreed to, but does not realise it.

But first let me tell you:
Over 90% of Clickbank's affiliates are inactive mostly during a year
This is the biggest reason why people start leaving Clickbank, their own inactivity. The affiliates after working on Clickbank products and even getting sales don't go back to their account for a long period of time and eventually loose their income because of their inactivity from Clickbank.You may know about Dormant accounts:
Dormant accounts are those which have a positive balance but without any earnings for an extended period of time
Dormant accounts are subjected to pay a 1$ fine per day after 90 days of inactivity. 5$ fine a day after 180 days of inactivity. 50$ fine a day after 365 days of inactivity, this also goes for not earning for the same time period.

This results in a loose of trust from Clickbank by its users (affiliates mainly) just because they don't know some simple rules of using Clickbank, which the affiliate has already agreed to by tick marking the statement that he has read their program policy.

Is ClickBank a Scam? - Clickbank deducting income from its inactive affiliates

The other main reason that people find annoying and then start calling clickbank a scam is that a person needs to get atleast five sales before he gets paid by Clickbank. Even if you have made about 200$ commission by getting 4 sales and you have given Clickbank a minimum of 100$ to send you your cheque.

Even than you can't get you money because you still haven't got 5 sales yet. This is a bit annoying but you have already agreed to that by agreeing to the Clickbank Client Contract. A visitor commented under this post that this is because the user may not buy his own product and get commissions for it, I agree with this reason too.

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