Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A website to directly parse your Google Adsense code

Click here to visit a website that can automatically parse your Google Adsense ad code or any other ad code

This is a fine website to parse your Google Adsense Ad code. Some one would probably need to parse an adsense ad code when he would need to place that code in the source code of a blog or website's HTML code. Like if had to place an adsense ad code in the HTML template of a blogger blog, I will have to parse my adsense ad code first, otherwise the code will not work. To learn to parse your Google Adsense code manually, see the post "Parsing Google Adsense ad code manually."
In order to use the website, simply paste the Google Adsense ad code in the code entering text box and hit PARSE. A new page will open with two text boxes, the one on top of the other will display your parsed adsense ad code which was input by you in the previous page & the text box in the bottom will allow you to input more adsense codes here.
Remember that Blog Crowd's HTML Parser was created so that the Google Adsense ad codes could be added into the body HTML of Blogger Templates. However, if any parse code you added into the Blogger Template gives an error, more likely you should add the unparsed adsense ad code in the HTML instead.

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