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Using Clickbank ads as In-Text advertising ads

If you know about in-text advertising ads, you would also know that they have a relatively low CTR (Click Through Rate) and less revenue is earned from these ads when they are clicked, most probably.
You would also have heard of ClickBank, well it's the world's biggest online digital product selling portal.

Using Clickbank ads as In-Text advertising ads

There is a deep relation with these two things that I've just mentioned, one is in-text advertising and the other is Clickbank. Both when used together can make a huge amount of money for a website developer or a blogger, mostly bloggers because their blogs consist of text mostly.

Even though Clickbank does not offer in-text advertising but you can still make the product links of clickbank into in-text ads by just making them links of your blog in another colour and font so that they appear different and attractive to the visitor and the visitor may click on it, like if your template colour is blue and your links are shown in blue than you can add links of your clickbank product as red or green to make a slight difference between the original links and the custom clickbank product links you are creating.

Using Clickbank ads as In-Text advertising ads

This method helps a lot to increase your clickbank sales, you can also see what products get more sales for what sort of keywords, and also you can add custom ads, obviously, if your contextual advertising service does not have ads relevant to the context of your blog post or webpage. Even though it sounds difficult but 5-15 links a post are enough for the visitor to see and click.

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The other good thing which can be done is placing Clickbank link ads at the end, middle and start of a post or webpage, it also helps a bit.

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