Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Socializing a blog or website with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype & other social networks

When you start making your blog and you get into blogging well & you get responses by the people, you actually get encouraged through all this. And this increases your liability with your blog and you develop an approach in which you start writing more in it. All of this becomes a habit later on and it gets on to you and even everyone. But the main thing you should and could do for your blog is to socialize it through some social network. Because there is no worth writing blog posts for no one but only those who search for it & may find it.
What some bloggers probably need is a social network attraction towards their blog. All of your hard work comes to no avail when you don't get the audience & the responses & the most important, popularity among people of your line.
So, I decided to write something about this all & convey my message to all new bloggers that how to gain much success with your blog without writing so much. The first thing you need to know about is some social networks, these networks help a lot in bringing audience to your blog. The basic definition of a social network is:
A website where one connects with those people who share their personal or professional interests, places of origin, education from a particular school, etc.

You might have heard of Facebook, YouTube & Twitter as the three of the most popular social networks, as they are according to top sites rankings. But I will also write about Skype as it is also a good source of social approach in your website business. Because Skype is a simple way of conveying a message directly from the audience to the creator of the website.
I will tell you how to use these social networks to make your website more social & popular among your friends and relatives & those who you don't know about (the real audience).
  • Facebook
If you are a facebook user you might know about facebook pages, groups, application & links (seen in your news feed). These help a lot in your spreading the word, i.e. they convey a lot about your blog or website. The links there help to drive traffic from facebook to your blog or website. The most effective things you can do on facebook to make your blog popular is:
  • Simply Post links of your blog's posts or website's pages to your facebook account. (Read "Socializing a blog with Facebook" for more automatic posting instructions)
    • Twitter
    The best way of making your blog popular on twitter is by tweeting your new blog posts and new website pages that you create with its title and link. I have already written a blog post on this. Read "Socializing a blog with Twitter & Facebook" for this.
    One other thing you can do is that you can make a new account with the name of your blog, like if your blog's name is "Muhammad Ali Khan's Blog," you can create a user in twitter with the name of "MuhammadAliKhansBlog" which will allow your twitter fans to follow you on twitter.
    • Youtube
    If you add videos to your blog or website using youtube then I prefer using a separate account in the name of your blog or website which will store all videos of your blog/website including faq videos, support page videos and other useful website or blog information.

    • Skype
    Using skype helps you in your website or blog business when your users really need to contact you for your product or when they usually need help from you. I am not talking about chatting, or calling them. I mean they can actually call you or search you by your website or blog's name, like searching "Muhammad Ali Khan's blog" will display my name as the owner on Skype and resultantly, the user can get help from me directly via chat or call.

    Other social networks that can help you with your website or blog promoting business are:

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