Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Making money online by reporting news

Money making on the internet can be done in different ways like selling products of your own, selling others products by becoming an affiliate, publishing ads on your website, taking surveys, writing reviews about different products or even the most easy one is by reporting news, it's the same as writing articles but this gives you a huge crowd infront of you, to which you can easily popularize your news article. developed in 2005 after a terrible earthquake in Pakistan has been a top reporting site for over a couple of years due to the fact that only the people using this site write reports. Yes! this is true you can yourself write reports and earn money reporting. Just click here to go directly to their webpage and click "Join" at the top to joinYou could even start reporting right now. You get paid when you reach the minimum threshold of 100$.
The amount of money you earn through reporting depends upon the content of your news and the amount of views your news gets depending on it's relevance. There is a special score system through which you get paid and this place is also their Help Centre. Click Here to view that special scoring system. It will be difficult in the start but soon you'll catch up to it. The big problem comes when you try to copyright a news from another source, for example BBC, CNN, etc. You need to build up some reputation first and then you can get high number of views when you get some fans.

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