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Google Adsense Ads in Search Results

If you've used Adsense for Search search engines, you would know that they work exactly like the Google search engine (, only the Google search engine is more attractive and good-looking. In this article I will tell you how to add Google Adsense Ads in Search Results of your own custom search engine which will be powered by Google.

Powered by google means that it will be fast as google search engine and you will earn from google adsense using this search engine. Your revenue share will be 50%. Let me tell you how this works.

Google Adsense Ads in Search Results

What if your website visitor searches some thing and he gets the search results from your websites or blogs, for that search term and also your Google Adsense search ads are displayed along that search. Well, this is possible through the Google Custom Search Engine.

Google Adsense Ads in Search Results

Google Adsense ads can be displayed in a search engine made only to search particular blogs and websites, like the Ali Khan Schools has its own search engine for its videos and blogs, you can see this search engine above the posts of this blog.

This search engine displays search results only found in the Ali Khan Schools blog, for a search term. You can also see that this search engine is powered by Google. Google actually made this search engine and called it a custom search engine. It can be said that:

A Custom Search engine displays search results located only on a particular website or blog or a set of websites and blogs

Google Custom Search Engine

Simply visit and you can make your own search engine their. Add only your own websites and blogs in the list of URL(s) to be indexed. Than link your Google Adsense account with your Google Custom Search search engine if you wish to monetize it.

Remember that you can only use one Google Adsense account with your Google CSE account. After creating your custom search engine, get its code and place it in your websites. The most preferred region is your website's sidebar or above the posts or webpage.

You might have noticed using Ali Khan Schools' custom search engine that they display search results in the same page along with Google Adsense ads, which increases their opportunities of being clicked per search.

When searched with, even though the custom search engine has no results related to a searched term to display, if Google finds some ad(s) related to that search term keyword, it's going to show that ad for that search. Now, that ad(s) will be the only search term being shown for that search.


I hope you know now how to show Google Adsense Ads in Search Results. I have written a lot of different post regarding Google Adsense here on Ali Khan Blogs - SEO Blogger, you can search for them if you want to. I will be writing more on these sorts of articles and don't forget to follow my blog on facebook and Twitter.

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