Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Getting Foreign traffic through Translate tool

If you have have a website or blog which has got some success for over a month or more, you'll have noticed some viewers coming from different parts of the world, mostly Russia, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, India, Pakistan, etc. whose browsers are working in their own local language. The search engines that these foreign users use don't show search results in English like Chinese, Russian search engines, so the major part of the non-English using internet users don't have even a single link to come to a blog or website which is completely based on English language, like your blog.
The one way you can get these users to come to your website or blog is to start submitting your website or blog to the popular search engines of their locale. I've already written an article about pinging a blog to the popular search engines of the world here.
But you can still get these users and eventually double or triple the number of your website visitors by using a simple tool called Google Translate tool.

Click here to go to the Google Translate tool webpage

Choose your webpage's specifications and get the code, add it to your website. Any web user from the entire world can now visit your webpage by just searching on Google because Google translate tool automatically pings each of your blog posts or web pages to all the Google Search Engines and submit all your pages/posts to the respective Google Search engine used in any local language.
This will also help those visitors that have come to your website using non-English browser through some link by showing a bannner which allows them to translate your website. This helps a lot in driving non-english speaking nation's traffic to a blog.

I'll be updating this post specially, to give you some important information about getting traffic from translate tools, etc.

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