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How to Make Money on Twitter 2018

How to Make Money on Twitter? Twitter using different sources to make money on twitter and make it a source of their income. Let me give you an idea how to make money from Twitter. The first thing you need to do is to create a Twitter account, click here to go to the sign up form.

How to Make Money on Twitter 2018

Then you need to wait for six months (optional) and then join which is the right social network for anyone to get more followers and visit new sites, remember this step is optional, you can sell Amazon/eBay or Clickbank products immideately through links.

Twitter does not allow this type of URLs to be tweeted, so go to or any other URL shortner and shorten this URL to something like "" and tweet it with some special keywords like "xbox", "games" etc.
For example,
xbox 360 repairing guide
Always put keywords in the tweet otherwise people searching won't be able to find your tweets. After joining twiends they will give you 50 twiends credits. These credits help you get followers, the main thing is to get more followers like for example 500-1500 followers and the number of people you are following also helps.

You must not let your twiends credit go down. The more the credit the more the followers you get. After two to three weeks your followers begin to rise to a huge number automatically.

The second method of earning through twitter is using a website called Sponsored tweets, a website to earn through twitter using advertising. You can get money for each click a person makes on your tweet like in real website advertising. This advertising is called "Twitter Advertising".

This makes you atleast 0.50$ for every single click. In about a week you could earn 10-50$, depending upon the number of followers. That would really be great.

How to Make Money on Twitter 2018

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