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Cheap website hosting sites for business in Pakistan

People want cheap website hosting sites for business in Pakistan. People in Pakistan who want to make a website don't actually find the right web hosts and if they even find the right web host for their small business, that has a good hosting service and some repute as well, they can't actually afford 120$ or 150$ a year for a single website.

Cheap website hosting sites for business in Pakistan

Even a ".com" domain from GoDaddy costs like 8$ which is approximately equal to 880 Pakistan Rupees. So apart from hosting and Domain registration there are other problems that a person living in Pakistan would face in this process of creating a website.

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I was also looking for a cheap website host that would not cost much. I found some really cheap webhosts like, Google Sites, and some others too but when I waned a Domain name they charged me 10$ or more for that. I was even going to give them 10$ but I didn't have a Credit Card nor did I have a PayPal Account, as PayPal does not support Pakistani users.

Then I finally found a good webhost in Pakistan that was giving a Free Domain too, which would otherwise cost 700 Rs., and we could even pay them with direct cash at their offices. They would only charge 125Rs. a month for the hosting and nothing more. The best part of it was they billed the bill annually that means 125*12= 1500Rs. only for 1 year.

The Name of the Website is CreativeON. You can see the features your self on this site. I am not saying that if you are not from Pakistan so you cannot use this site, anyone can use it from anywhere in the world.

Cheap website hosting for small business in Pakistan

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