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Bidvertiser Review

Here's my Bidvertiser Review, also Known as Bidvertiser is an Advertising/Ad-publishing network which does not need any requirements from its publishers. Yeah!! Really, its good for those publishers whose website are on a sub-domain, like, and they really want to earn money from their site's content with little traffic.

Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review

This is easy and bidvertiser can make a lot of money for you, but the basic requirement is still the same, i.e., you need high website traffic, high number of viewers will work for any advertising company on the web.

Bidvertiser Review, is it even necessary? You just need to "Sign Up" at and your account will be active the moment you confirm your account through your e-mail, and you can instantly place ads on your website and start generating revenue from it.

Is Bidvertiser Contextual?

But a problem with bidvertiser is that you need to give them some keywords and the category of your website, otherwise they don't have the ability to display ads related to the context of your webpage, on the other hand advertising networks like Google Adsense and Chitika get the keywords of your website themselves. When you submit a website to Bidvertiser, Bidvertiser demands some keywords and a category for your website.

Placing ads on your Website or Blog through Bidvertiser

After signing up, you need to add your website or blog to your account. Simply go to the "Manage Bidvertisers" tab and choose "Add new Bidvertiser" option. On the opening page, you will be prompted to add a new bidvertiser ad under a new domain.

This "New Bidvertiser" is like an ad-unit. Give your bidvertiser ad a title, write the URL of your website (only enter the top-level domain of your website like, language of ad unit and the last part the category and sub-category of your website.

After adding your website to Bidvertiser, come back to "Bidvertiser Centre" tab, choose your website and click "Choose Template," button below your bidvertisers list, on the opening pop-up window you'll be prompted to choose an ad size for your ad-unit. One ad-unit can accommodate one and only one ad-size. Although it can be altered later.

After choosing your ad-unit size, you can choose the preferences for your ad-unit by clicking "Preferences" option next to "Get Ad Code" option, here you can choose like whether you want to display eBay ads, image ads, pop-up ads or not. Now they even have an option for showing slider ads which will start to show slides of ads from September 1, 2011.

After the preferences, click "Get Ad Code" and take the code and place the ad-unit on your website.
Choose any ad size that fits your website, they have a large variety of ad units. Most people prefer placing their ads right above their website's content. It becomes easier as you go by trying different ad placements.

What are Valid clicks?

But the bad thing about Bidvertiser is that they don't pay you for every click. Just the "Legitimate clicks" or "Valid Clicks" are paid and the rest are called as "Invalid Clicks". If your website's visitor clicks on an ad and then interacts with the page to which he is taken, than you get paid for that click. All other clicks which do not result in the visitor's interaction with the ad are valueless and are termed as "Invalid clicks."

This sounds difficult but with high website traffic, it becomes much easy. Well, it depends on you that whether you want to sell your ad space to Bidvertiser, if you want to, or not.

Bidvertiser and Google Adsense

Some people want to compare Bidvertiser with Google Adsense but Adsense and Bidvertiser are approximately the same. It sounds strange, but it is true. You can read other reviews about Google Adsense or Bidvertiser only, you would get these two as the most competitive advertising networks on the web. People that get high website traffic and run some of the world's popular websites or blogs, rank Google Adsense and Bidvertiser at the same number. They are the best alternatives of each other.

Bidvertiser has a PPC (Pay Per Click) or I should say (Earn Per Click) ad displaying system for publishers. Its main system through which it targets ads for your website is a bidding system. The advertiser which pays the most for your ad space gets to place his ad on your website via Bidvertiser's bidding system.

If you get more than an optimum number of advertisers, who want your ad space, than Bidvertiser selects the highest paying advertiser's ads for our website. Much like Buy Sell Ads. Although it is an ad affiliate network, not much heard of before, but it earns as good as Google Adsense does.
You might see posts for Bidvertiser as a scam but those are just to drive people away from bidvertiser written by some foolish people.

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