Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Adding Facebook Like Box social plugin to a blog or website

Click here to visit Facebook Developer's Like-Box Plugin creator
Visit the Facebook Like-Box Plugin creator page and scroll down to the "Facebook Page URL" option enter the URL (Address) of your Facebook Page (note that the Facebook Page should already exist before adding the widget to your website/blog. Click here to visit the "Facebook Create a Page" page ).
Some other things you need to set for your like-box widget are:
  • Width - It determines the width of your Like-box plugin. If you don't know the width of your sidebar in pixels then I prefer the default 292 pixel width.
  • Colour Scheme - Choose Light if you have a bright coloured blog/website or choose Dark if you have a  dark coloured blog/website like black etc.
  • Show Faces - Tick mark it if you want to show the facebook profile pictures of the people in the plugin who have liked your page.
  • Border Colour - It determines the border colour of your plugin.
  • Stream - Tick mark it if you want to allow people using the plugin to view the profile stream of the public profile of your page.
  • Header - Tick mart it if you want to see the "Find us on Facebook" bar at top. It is only shown when stream or faces are present.
After selecting your options, simply click "Get Code," a new flash pop-up will open showing you two different codes, choose the iframe code and paste it into the side bar or body of your website/blog's source HTML.

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