Sunday, August 07, 2011

Adding Google +1 Button to Google Sites

Google +1 button can be added to the main body of a Google Site's webpage by using it as a gadget located on an outside URL.
Simply open you Google Site's page editor, firstly place the cursor where you want to add the Google +1 button, click Insert on the horizontal toolbar on the top-left corner of the website's page editing area, a drop-down list appears. Select More Gadgets.... from the list. On the opening page, select Add Gadget by URL and paste the following link in the box below "Enter the URL for a gadget you want to add":
And click Add, a new flash page opens, this is the configuration page of your Google +1 button you just added, this page will allow you edit, add, remove the features of your Google +1 button as you desire. Then choose the size (recommended is Tall - 60 pixel), Language, width (recommended is 50 pixel), height and some other stuff for your Google +1 button. Finally click OK below the configurations to save your Google +1 button.
You can change its placement in the editor of your Google Site's page, just as an ordinary gadget. The recommended placement for this gadget is the top left corner of your website, in the start of your page.
Check out, you can see the Google +1 button on the top left side of the website.

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