Thursday, June 30, 2011

Submitting a Blog to Google and Bing Search Engines

If you want to ping your blog or website to Google, Bing & other search engines, go to the "Steps to make your blog popular | Ping your blog or website to different search engines" post and follow the instructions.
However if you have a blog or website and you want to submit every single post or webpage of it to Google & Bing, simply follow the instructions below:
Go to
Simply click the link and the "Add your website URL to Google" page will open. Type the address of the top-level page of your website or blog in the URL dialogue box and some additional comments or your Blog or Website's title in the comment dialogue box. The information providing unit will look like this:

Submitting a blog/website to Google and Bing Search Engines

Simply type in the squiggly letters and click on the "Add URL" button. Your website is now submitted to Google and will be indexed by the Google bot and placed in the search results soon.

Even a better way of getting your website into Google and knowing all about the clicks and impressions you get while your website is searched in Google and getting knowledge of all the search terms your blog or website is searched for in google is by using Google Webmaster Tools. Simply go to and click "Add a site..." button and type in your blog's or website's address and click "continue" button, verify its ownership through any way you like. Then your site will be added to the list of websites or blogs you have on Google Webmaster tools. Here you can see all the impressions and clicks your website gets through Google searches when searches are made related to your blog or website. It automatically indexes all of your webpages and posts and adds them to Google Search engine.

Now, if you want to submit your website or blog to Bing, you need to go to the following address:
Here, you will see a page like this:

Submitting a Blog to Google and Bing Search Engines

Simply type in the squiggly letter and your website or blog's address and click on "Submit URL", your website or blog will be soon indexed by the Bing search bot.

Like Google Webmaster tools, you can also use Bing Webmaster tools to get more knowledge of how your website and blog's search results are being used up by people searching. And also how much impressions and clicks you get through out.
Simply go to and sign in their with your windows live ID, if you don't have one then you need to sign up to Bing. Simply add your website or blog there and verify its ownership. Now you can visit Bing Webmaster tools to check your blog's or website's popularity on Bing search engine through impressions and clicks. Your website will automatically be indexed on Bing and other search engines related to bing by using Bing Webmaster tools.

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