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Bloggertube Video Blog Template Explained

If you have used the Bloggertube video blog template of blogger then you would certainly have noticed there being a lot of problems using it like I had while creating my own video blog. The main big problems were:
  • You had to put the parsed adsense codes by yourself into the source HTML of the blog yourself. It means only selective places could be used for placing Adsense ads.
  • You could add only 1 video per post like if I had to place a video of a full-length match of about 9 hours, it would take almost 90 videos for me on youtube to upload the whole match.
  • You could add text only within the [Starttext] & [Endtext] tags and even if I made a slight mistake with these tags, either the text would not be displayed or there would be some error.
  • Apart from these there are numerous problems that a person faces when linking a youtube video to his blog that I resolved in my post called "Linking a Youtube video to a Bloggertube blog."

Bloggertube Video Blog Template Explained

So these all create a lot of problems for the users using bloggertube in there video blogs, so I just wanted to advise all the people, using Bloggertube template in there video blogs and thinking that it is the only video blogging solution, that to use a custom blog template of blogger like a simple template in black colour in which you can:
  • Embed videos from all video hosting websites instead of linking them to your blog. (Its the same as linking a youtube video to your blog but has a wider approach. Because other video hosting websites like daily motion, Hulu and youtube etc. allow embedding there videos)
  • You can add text simply anywhere to your blog like a simple blog post.
  • The third big thing is that you can add adsense easily anywhere just by clicking "Add a Gadget" option in the design of the blog at the Design tab.

Now if you have a video whose embed code is like
<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Simply copy its embed code and go to your blog's posting option, click on "New Post" and click "Edit HTML" tab above the post editing body.

Paste the code here and click on "Compose" tab just next to the "Edit HTML" tab. You will see a box having a play sign in between (in some cases the preview of how the video looks will be shown). You can edit the size of the video by clicking on it and choosing an appropriate size on the opening tab like small, medium, large & X-large. 

You can also place it in the desired place of your blog post. If however the blog does not display the video and show the text embed, simply edit that post and click on "Post Options" below the labels option below your blog post editing area. In "Compose Settings" chose the "Interpret typed HTML" option and your video will be displayed immediately.

If you want to check the success of it check out where there are over 50 videos and the result is as same as bloggertube, even better though like you can place the sidebar on right even and much more can be done in the "Template Design".

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