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Related Post widget (with thumbnails) for Blogger, Wordpress and TypePad Users

Go to

Visit to get the "Link Within widget" which allows Blogger, Wordpress & TypePad users to display related posts related to a specific blog post just below that post in the form of links & the best part of it is that it also displays thumbnails with the post's title. Like, for example;

To get the widget from you need to supply some information to the Link Within database which are your e-mail, your blog link, your blog platform (Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad or other), story width i.e. how many links you want to display below each post & dialog box which is tick marked if you have a blog with a dark (black) background and light coloured text.

After supplying all of the information click on the "Get Widget!" button.

Note: The rest of the blog post is about adding the Link Within widget to a Blogger Blog only.

When the new page opens, click on the "Install Widget" link on the first line of the instructions segment. A pop up window or a new tab will automatically open which will lead you to your blogger blog's list. Select the name of your blog and click "Add Widget" below. Then you will be taken to your selected blog's design page and a new gadget named "Link Within" will appear on your sidebar. Drag that gadget below the "Blog Post" gadget which discusses all the properties of your blog posts. Like:

Now save your template and check your blog. Your blog posts will display links to your blogs other related posts.

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