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List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

This is the new list of free website hosting websites. Some of them are charging for premium packages but their standard packages are free and some, as a whole, are absolutely free.

A good website host is a needed for the optimal working of a website. With the help of a free and cheap website host,  the process of website making begins for a newbie website developer. The hosting website is somewhat important for the users to know the basic and gain experience in website making.

List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

Website Builder

These websites have different options for website builders. Like Weebly, Tumblr, blogger, and other blogging websites. These provide a website builder alongwith it. So you just need to fill in the space with images, videos and text.

Other website hosts allow the user to use his knowledge of HTML, PHP and other web-based programming languages for their website development.

However, some of these websites allow WordPress installation either as a package of one click installation or you can install it yourself. Keep in mind WordPress is used to run almost 30% of the world’s websites so its a great start for new website developers.

List of Free Website Hosting Websites of 2018

Its the user’s preference that he wishes to use which one of these website hosting websites but it depends on your type of website. Compare your need with the data given by the website hosting service to make your decision.

About the website builder, its the user’s preference whether he wants to use the host’s default website builder or WordPress. However, not using wordpress will make it hard for you to use custom plugins and themes.

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